DESTIELCON + updates

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Its THIS WEEK (technically next week but) AND I CAN'T BE MORE EXCITED

Nothing, n o t h i n g, has ever made me more excited about being in the Spn fandom.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, Destielcon is a Supernatural-based convntion that focuses on the almost-canon (and in some perspectives, FREKAING CANON) love between Dean Winchester and Castiel, two of the show's MCs. They love each other guys. Loooooovee.

So basically, shippers from all over the USA are gathering in a hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio to discuss Destiel, fangirl, participate in games and panels and discussions, meet a few famous fanfic authors, hit up some vendors for merch and fanart, dance at an angels vs devils themed masquerade, WHILE MEETING OTHER FANS AND WRITING FANFIC AND DYING BECAUSE THESE WILL BE MY PEOPLE.

Also, there's going to be a couple people from Riptide PUblishing!!! Guys. I COULD BE AN AUTHOR. They're reviewing different fanfics while we're there, taking questions about editing and publishing, and giving out free copies of queer/LGBTQA books!




FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND (because the drive for individual days is like three or four hours long like no).

Destielcon is super cheap too like $60 for the whole three days is a crazy good deal. YesssSSSSSSS.

I'm cosplaying as Castiel the amazing adorable totally-gay-for-Dean angel who is super awesome and broken on the inside. I'm going to have fun.

That's all the good news. The bad news is that there's a 96% chance we might not go. It all depends on how much the hotel costs and if me and my friend can even get a ride (stupid siblings who need parental supervision)... BUT I THINK MY MOM KNOWS HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME OKAY BECAUSE IT MEANS A LOOOOTT...

When I do go to the con, I'll actually remember to take pics or vlog about it or something like I think you guys should see the awesome.



So idk I haven't been on Wattpad in forever. My writing morale has just slowed and idk why, but I've found myself doing a lot of writing in notebooks and editing, and I just don't think Wattpad is my top site for fanfic anymore (ao3 has seriously grown on me). So I think I'll take a break from posting fanfic/stuff for the summer and come back in November to finish my upcoming novel Mystics.

ME: bored out of my mind. Summer reading sucks and I have to do volunteer work which isn't so bad since its fun but I don't have time. I have so many episodes of The Walking Dead to finish, about four different animes, I still have to FIND WHERE THE FREAKING TENTH SEASON OF SPN IS ONLINE because it isn't on Netflix yet which bothers me deeply...

I'm working super duper hard to learn French, too. I'm okay so far, but idk my accent is probably horrible... OHONHONHON

Idk guys I'm kinda tired and its only 12:30 am. My tolerance for staying up late is slowly slipping away along with what is left of my social skills.

Can I just leave and go live as a hermit.

In a mansion.

With wifi and woking plumbing.


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