Joy Profile

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Name: Joy (Park Sooyoung) / Joy
Blood type: A
Birth date / Zodiac sign: September 3, 1996 / Virgo
Family: Parents, two younger sisters
Dream foreshadowing your birth: My grandmother said she picked up a giant acorn.
Personality: Quiet when I am alone, but when I'm with others I can be goofy and outgoing.
Hobby / Specialties: Watching movies / Singing pretty songs
Habits: Blanking out
Reasons for becoming a singer: In my second year of junior high (t/n: eighth grade year) I stood on stage for the first time and liked it so I auditioned.
Favorite food(s): I like everything but especially chicken!
Foods I am confident in:<span> Pizza you can scoop with a spoon (t/n: basically pizza in a pan without a crust)
Favorite music: Daydreamin'
Favorite musician(s): Ariana Grande
Favorite movie(s): The Way Home, Transformers
Favorite nickname(s): malgeumi (t/n: clear/bright)
Number chosen personally and the reason: '31'. Reason: Hmm.. I just want to eat ice cream (t/n: baskin robbins has 31 original flavors)
Things I collect: Lip balm
Ideal type: Someone who lives by the rules, works hard on their stuff, has a clear thought of their own
Everyday fashion style: I like being comfortable. I usually wear a dress with a cardigan.
Ways I relieve stress: Go around on my own, meet my sisters and talk
Motto: Be thankful for everything
It's known that all four of you share a room, but if you were to split into just two, the person you want to room with: Seulgi unnie. Once she goes to sleep, she doesn't wake up! I don't have to be careful in the morning (ㅋㅋ)

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