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Name: Wendy (Son Seungwan) / Wendy
Blood type: O
Birth date / Zodiac sign: February 21, 1994 / Pisces
Family: Parents, one older sister
Dream foreshadowing your birth: I'm not sure @_@
Personality: Outgoing, bright and refreshing, but I can also be soft-hearted so I cry easily
Hobby / Specialties: Finding rare songs, cooking, walking by cafes / Singing (especially pop songs), instruments (flute, saxophone, piano, guitar)
Habits: Moving my eyebrows around freely (a lot of expressions come out)
Reasons for becoming a singer: My family liked music so I have been influenced ever since I was young. I liked learning instruments, and when I lived in America, I liked soulful music so I sang, and I want to return it all to the people I got influenced from.
Favorite food(s): Rather than food, house food is the best! Mother's hand taste!! (+rice cake, roots, meat, beans, mushrooms)
Foods I am confident in: Pastas, walnut pie, muffin, biscuit, cookie, spicy noodles, kimchi soup (my dad loves this the most)
Favorite music: I don't discriminate any genres. I like them all!!
Favorite musician(s): There's s...o m..any.. (ㅠㅠ)
Favorite movie(s): Recently, 'Begin Again' and 'The Fault in our Stars'
Favorite nickname(s): Wan-ah
Number chosen personally and the reason: '77'. Reason: My family gave me the number! Whenever I go on stage, I think about my family and feel like I'm with them so it gives me energy!
Things I collect: Packs (rather than collecting it because I liked them, rather my skin is sensitive so I need it). Not collecting but finding good restaurants (I find them after starting a diet and go with my members whenever we have time)
Ideal type: Someone respectful, caring and is pretty when they laugh (smiles brightly and looks innocent?). Someone who eats well (I like cooking so I want to cook them a lot)
Everyday fashion style: Plain and simple? Casual (I fancy being comfortable)
Ways I relieve stress: Not doing anything but closing my eyes, putting my earphones in and listening to music. Observing people as I walk by cafes and night watching!
Motto: Do everything to your best ability with a positive mindset!
It's known that all four of you share a room, but if you were to split into just two, the person you want to room with: I honestly really like the 4 of us together.. Instead of splitting it up to 2 to a room, I think it's more fun with the 4 of us.

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