Part IV

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Okay, so I really wanted to put an effort into this and that's why this is so delayed.
Also: I'm lazy.

Please see that image of Grimmjows smexy self as an peace offering.



You wake up to the sound of the heavy door opening, and your eyes fly open as you are meet by a dirty and more roughed up Grimmjow.

"Grimmjow are you okay?!" You say standing up from the bed and rushing to greet him. His eyes as fixed to the ground but he looks up when you tug at his dirty jacket.

"Hey, wait" he murmurs, his before tiered eyes travels over your body and you soon realize why.

"Oh the clothes, well I didn't have anything else to put on so-" you are suddenly cut off by his hand covering your mouth and he lovers his head down to your exposed neck, taking a deep breath to inhale your scent. His hand smells like burnt flesh.

"You smell like me" he says, his other hand pulling you closer to him. You remove his hand from your mouth, looking at him with a puzzled face.

"I stole your clothes" you mumbled and a feral grin spreads over his lips.

"Well I'm gonna take'em back!" He says lifting you up and you start trashing around in his arms as he walks towards the bed.

"We can't!"

"Why not?!" He says, irritated.

"YOU are suppose to train me!" You shout back. Finally breaking loose, landing in the floor with a loud thud.

"I AM training you!" He growls as you stand up, feet wide apart as if you are waiting for him to attack you.

"THIS is NOT what lord Aizen meant by training!"

"Well he did tell me to take away that innocence of yours! And I think I did a good job at that", he says, crossing his arms and smiling brightly again.

"For the love of God! Aizen is going to evaluate my training at the end of the month! And if I haven't made any progress who knows what he'll do!?", that actually seem to have an effect on Grimmjow, as his smile disappears and he squints his eyes at you, irritation filling his eyes. He is quiet for a while. Then he groans loudly and turns his back to you.

"FINE. But I am NOT going to go easy on you!".

You smile and follow him out the door, picking up your sword and going through all the lessons Ulquiora gave you. Out side the room there is a giant cave like dome, where you guess all the fighting happens.

Grimmjow suddenly stops, and you walk right into him. Groaning you rub your slightly red nose. He turns around and pulls out your sword to look at it.

"Is there something wrong with my sword?" You groan, looking at him white confusion as he holds it between his left and right index fingers.

"Nah, I just wanted to have a look at it", without a warning he throws the sword up into the air, and catches it again, with his hand around the shining blade.

"Shouldn't you be bleeding?" You say, him looking down on you as if you were some crazy animal.

"Of course not. This sword can't penetrate my armor" you remember Ulquiorra telling you that. That the arrancars have thick skin, just like armor.

"Well we won't be needing this toy for now" he says, throwing the sword across the large room, and a loud metallic clang echoes as it hits the ground.

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