My Angel

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I quickly close the lid of my packed lunch and grabbed my backpack that was white in colour and have a couple of black striped at the left front side. I squatted and reached for a pair of my black school shoes and wore it hastily.

 I rushed out of the door, locked it and ran as fast as I could to the bus stop, so that I would not miss the bus. Luckily, I made it to the bus stop before the bus left; I climbed aboard and sat on the empty seat at the back and sighed. It was the third time this week I woke up late, maybe it was because I have been studying till around 3 in the morning. My exam was just around the corner, I took out my note book and revised all the notes that I wrote in class.

 As I was too engrossed reading the notes, I did not hear when the bus driver announces that the bus already arrived at my school.

 Suddenly a girl sitting across from me touched my shoulder and said “Hey, we've arrive.”

 “Oh... Thanks.” I replied and followed behind her, out of the bus.

 Slowly, I walked behind the girl; she was about five feet two inches. She has a wavy dirty blond hair that was tied up into a messy pony tail that fell until around her shoulder, her bangs was clip to the right side, she has a slender body. I thought I saw her before but I cannot remember where.

 Damn it! Why do they all have to be so freaking tall! I was about 5 feet, my body is really slender, I have dark brown, wavy hair that reached my hips, my bangs almost cover my eyes, and I seriously need a hair cut or hair clips.

 We walked passed the half closed school gate which indicated that we barely reached the school in time before the final bell rang. My school was pretty big with four building making a big square and two basketball courts were at the centre. Each building has three floors and were connected to each other.

My class was at the second floor, the joy of climbing stairs. The girl who talked to me on the bus was heading in the same direction as me. When we were almost at my class, I saw that the girl walked into my class.

 Wait! What?! We were classmate! I never noticed her before! Well, I never really noticed anyone in my class since I transferred here half a year ago. She walked to her seat that was at the back beside the window, two seats behind me.

 I walked to my seat and glanced towards her and she smiled at me, but I just gave her a half-hearted smile and her friend who sat beside her whispered to her or more accurately she thought she was.

 “Hey Nana, since when did you become friends with the miss-I'm-too-brilliant-to-talk-to-ordinary-students?” She asked.

 “Dayana!” Nana scolded her. “Remember that you don't judge a book just by its cover.” Nana whispered back at her.

 “Geez, you’re the one who too critics about the importance of a novel cover” Dayana replied playfully.

 “Hey! That's not the same!” Nana argued back but it was too late because Dayana was already focused at whatever story the girl beside her said, Naomi, if I remember it correctly.

 Nana scowled at Dayana for ignoring her and she took out a really thick book that surely can kill anyone if she decided that annoyed her. She removes her hair clips that was holding her bangs to the side and pushed her hair behind and clipped it. She opened the book and started reading it; she was 

so engrossed in it that when Dayana turned to talk to her, she ignored her.

 I recognized Naomi from the picture that was on the school magazine, she won first place in Biology competition last year. I love Biology so; I was interested to know who the best in Biology was. She is around five feet four inches, she has a wavy black hair that reached her waist, her bangs cut straight making her face look chubbier.

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