The Phone Call

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I used to work at a shack with one other person, and it was like a small warehouse. One day, my partner was being transferred, so that meant I would have to take the night shift. Before he left, he decided to have a talk with me. When we were talking, he told me about the pay phone that was out in front. It would always ring at 4:17 am straight, and would only ring once.

My partner said it was probably them just making sure it worked, but he never knew since he never answered it. After that, he took all of his stuff and left. So, on my first night of the night shift, I waited out in front of the door. He was right; at 4:17 am exact, the pay phone rang, but only once. The next night, I decided to pick it up and answer.

When it was 4:15, I went out to the pay phone, and looked at my watch until it turned 4:17. The phone rang, and I picked it up. There was no answer, just the faint noise of breathing, which meant someone else was on the other line. After 5 minutes of silence, I spoke, "Hello?" No one replied, so I repeated myself, "Hello?"

After a few minutes of saying hello, I gave up and hung up the phone. For the next few nights, I went out to the phone, saying hello for 5 minutes, then giving up and going back inside. Soon, I stopped going outside, but the phone continued to ring once every night at 4:17. Weeks went by, and I decided to try answering the phone again. I went out at 4:15, and waited until the phone rang.

When it did, I picked it up and called into it, "Hello?" I said hello over and over again, not taking a single breath as I did so. There was no reply, and I was about to give up before I heard another voice. As it spoke, it was a deep, husky voice. What it said was the part that still scares me to this very day.

The voice on the other line said my full name, first, middle, and last. A raspy gasp escaped my throat before I slammed the phone on back onto the pay phone. The next night, the phone didn't ring. Even if it didn't, I don't intend to use it, ever. After that night, the pay phone never rang at 4:17 again.

A/N: If I were him, I would've quit that job.

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