A Method of Discipline (girlxgirl)

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Valerie Greco sighed in resignation as Principal Anderson dragged her down the hallway. His hand tightly gripped her upper arm and she could do nothing but allow him to tug her. It was after school so the hallway was empty and quiet.

“You were doing so well, Miss Greco,” Principal Anderson said, sounding upset. He glanced back at Val and frowned at her. “You haven’t been sent to my office in two weeks!” That must be a record. “Why couldn’t you have kept that up?”

“Those were two very boring weeks,” Val told him, smiling sweetly. The 17-year-old student knew that she had probably given Anderson a break by not causing problems for two weeks, but she had always struggled to stay out of trouble.

They came to a stop outside of the same classroom Val remembered from two weeks ago. She swallowed, already feeling something strange stirring in the pit of her stomach. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but it didn’t feel good either.

“Here we are,” Principal Anderson said, knocking on the door twice and not waiting to hear a response before entering. He dragged Val in with him.

They were in a small classroom with a teacher’s desk at the front of the room and rows of student tables taking up the rest of it. Sitting at the front desk was the Student Government club advisor, Ms. Alex Sterling. She taught English during the school day and was in charge of advising the Student Government club meetings that were held after school. She was known to be a cold, heartless bitch by most of her students but they still registered for her classes so that they could stare at her shamelessly for an hour each day.

Sitting at the rest of the tables were the students that made up the members of the student government. Val recognized some of their faces from the last time she had been forced to do slave labor for the Student Government club as ‘punishment’ but she had never actually spoken to any of them before. 

Val met Ms. Sterling’s icy blue eyes and felt a shiver move through her body.

“Principal,” Ms. Sterling greeted, both her brows lifting slightly in surprise. Her eyes flickered back and forth between Val and Anderson before she settled her gaze on Val and purred, “What can I do for you two?”

Val felt another shiver but resisted the urge to tremble. She watched as Sterling watched her. The way the English teacher moved, how she spoke, how she stared, was extremely predatory. It made Val feel like a gazelle trapped in the sights of a hungry lioness. Sometimes, though, Val thought she wouldn’t mind being chased.

Principal Anderson broke the spell by speaking. “I’m sorry to interrupt your meeting, Ms. Sterling,” he said, offering the students of the government club an apologetic smile. “But Miss Greco is misbehaving again and… well… after she spent time with your club two weeks ago she seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. I’m hoping you can work your magic again and…” he glanced down at the rebellious student, “control her.”

A pink tongue darted out to wet Sterling’s full lips. “I think,” she said, her eyelids lowering halfway as she peered across at Val again, “that I can manage that.”

Principal Anderson shoved Val forwards, towards Ms. Sterling’s desk, and nodded gratefully at her. “I leave her in your capable hands then.” He then bid the rest of the room goodbye, shot Val a farewell glare, and then left the room without another word.

Val shifted uncomfortably on her feet, once again feeling as if she were naked and being examined by the unwavering blue gaze of the English teacher.

Alex Sterling looked across the room, to where the Student Government club members were still patiently waiting for her to continue the meeting. “I suppose I’ll call today’s meeting short,” she said, “but we will pick up where we left off tomorrow.”

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