Chapter 3: Date

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Season 1, Episode 3

Sara kicks her brothers leg as she stands in his kitchen, "You couldn't make me a coffee?"

"No, you have working limbs. Get yourself a coffee," Jay sasses back, "Besides, last time I made you a coffee, you complained that there was too much coffee in it. What does that even mean?"

"It needed more cream and/or sugar, duh!" She says, grabbing an apple for herself and tossing a banana to Jay, " You know what? I'll just buy one on the way in."

"I'm not stopping anywhere."

"Yes, you are. Cause last time I had to work without coffee for a shift, Antonio and I almost shot each other. On purpose."

Jay snorts, mumbling to himself, "I feel that way sometimes, even when you have coffee."

Sara throws a pen towards his head, which he catches before saying, "Come on, we gotta get going before we're late."


Jay and Sara meet up with Erin as they walk up to the bullpen, Sara carrying a large cup of coffee from the coffee shop down the street.

"No offense, though, I don't want you anywhere near her," Ruzek calls after Al as the trio come upon them.

"Does that mean you set a date?" Erin asks.

"Uh, today's the 21st, so six months today."

Sara looks to her brother, "Crap, today's the 21st."

Erin comments, "Yeah, it usually follows the 20th. What's up?"

"Nothing," The twins shake their heads before Voight gets their attention.

Voight starts as Sara takes her place next to Antonio, "All right, there are two unrelated wire investigations. Surveillance followed three of area central's top-ranking gang targets to this house on Carpenter. Narcotics hasn't gotten anywhere with it, so command staff wants Intelligence on it. Roll out in five."

As Sara sits on the edge of Antonio's desk to wait for him, they see Ruzek start to put his jacket down on Jules desk, "Hey, hey, what are you doing?"

"I need a desk."

"Not that one," Sara shakes her head, pointing to one in the back, "That one."

"That was Willhite's desk. Sara and I will let everyone know when someone can use it," Antonio tells the officer. 

Ruzek nods, "Yeah."


This time, Sara gets to sit in the front as Antonio is put in the back and Voight's in the drivers seat, "We got the main eye," Al radios.

"We're set up to the North," Sara responds. 


"We got the South and a partial of the alley," Jay radios his and Erin's location.

Sara sits so her left leg is pulled into her body and propped up, "If anyone goes mobile from the house, we're in position for a take-away."

Voight radios, "O and Ruzek, move closer. See if there's any movement in the house."

"10-4," Ruzek says.

"Hold up," Erin halts them, "We've got company."

They see a man in a bright yellow jacket with his hood up start walking towards the house and up the stairs, "Who's this joker?" Antonio asks.

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