Chapter 1: Pulpo

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Season 1, Episode 1

Sara Halstead looks at her twin, "Jay, get the hell away from me, now."

Jay keeps poking his twin's arm, "Sara, it is my brotherly duty to annoy you as much as possible. Am I going to be allowed to do that or should I be prepared to get hit?"

Raising a single eyebrow, Sara asks, "What do you think?"

Instead of responding, Jay just pokes her arm again. Sara punches his bicep, causing Jay to flinch and grip his arm, "Ow! That hurt."


"I don't like you sometimes."

Sara shrugs, "Go bother Erin or somebody other than me, please."

Jay smirks before going to the break room while Sara finishes typing up a report. She gets a couple minutes of peace and quiet before Erin and Jay ruin it.

"Because you don't know a good thing when you see it."

"Careful, Erin. You're tempting the animal," Sara gives a teasing smile.

"After I got you coffee," Jay sets her coffee cup full of coffee just how she like its on her desk in front of her, "You decide to be mean. I can take it back-"

Sara quickly grabs the mug, "I'm sorry, Jay. Don't take my coffee."

When Voight joins the rest of Intelligence upstairs, he also brings two patrol officers with him, Kim Burgess and Kevin Atwater, "All right, listen up. Got a name on those dope deaths. It's a dealer named Rev on South Emerald. As soon as Olinsky gets here, we're gonna-"

Al interrupts him, "Over here," He slides into view and holds up a banana in greeting, "Hey."

"Hey Alvin."


"We're gonna set up a controlled buy Halstead and Lindsay in the doorway," Hank gestures to Jay and Erin, "Do not go inside."

Erin nods, "Got it."

As Hank starts walking back to his office, he says, "All right, one more thing- we've been doing this, what, two months? Now more than ever, we keep everything in house. Understand? I don't care how they run other departments or how you were brought up. This is Intelligence-my unit. You tell me the truth, so I can lie for you. And if you ever go over my head, it'll be the last head you go over. Everybody goes home tonight."


Sara sits with Antonio and Jules as she listens to her brother bang on the door, "Rev! Open up!"

"Hey, knock it off!" A bystander says.

"Am I knocking on your door?" Jay sassily replies, "Rev, open up!"

Antonio radios, "I'm going out on a limb here. Rev might not be home."

As Jay keeps knocking, Sara uses her binoculars to try and see through the trees they were parked behind as a man opens the door, "What?"

Jay nods, "Yeah, uh, is Rev here?"

"No, so quit pounding on the door."

"Hey, man, yo, my girl-" Jay stops the door from closing, "She's going into rehab tomorrow. Wants to go out with a bang tonight. Rev usually hooks me up. You ever been to rehab man, it sucks."

There's a moment of silence before he says, "Come in."

"Do not go in, Jay," Sara sighs, "Don't make us go in after your stupid ass."

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