Chapter 20- A Dog and a Baby

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The line looked endless. Lee-San half listened to the people boarding the space-train as he scanned them. Telling each it was a special security scan. No one objected, not since the topic on everyone's lips was the incident downtown a few hours earlier. Lee-San had called his wife when he heard, just making sure. She hadn't been downtown and neither had their children.

They hadn't. After that he didn't pay much attention.

A couple approached, they looked nothing like the descriptions of the criminals but that didn't matter. His job was to scan everyone.

The woman, a pale sickly thing, was asleep in a wheelchair, a bandage over one eye. The man that pushed the chair was little more than a boy. Poor kid, from the look of it he was strapped with an injured wife and a child. Too young for that.

Lee-San explained the scan and the boy nodded his head. He ran the scanner over the pale girl, making sure to do so on the right side of the chair. Tied to the handle of the left side was a huge white dog. The creature looked foul tempered if ever there was a foul tempered canine. Beautiful creature though.

The girl was clean.

He scanned the man. Clean.

For a moment he considered scanning the baby in the carrier on the right arm of the chair. But decided against it as the dog snarled. All day parents had complained about him scanning their children, and for the most part, he'd started skipping children. After all, they weren't looking for a baby.

He waved the couple and their dog on board.

*This ends book one. I wish it tied more up, I'm a fan of novels in series functioning as standalone novels, but in this case it just didn't work. Book One has to end with Halis and Berrick dying and Silvia and Darith joining forces and getting away. Right now I'm still working on another novel but I promise I will get book two up here as soon as I can. I'm planning to draft it for Nano Wrimo. So I should be able to start posting in December after I've done an initial revise.

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