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Another oooold poem because I haven't had the time to write much recently, enjoy:)

Falling in love with myself;

It's a physical and mental attraction,

And all that much easier, and harder,

Because I know the prettiest and the darkest,

Parts of myself.

He knows that on my best days,

I'm usually a lot worse,

He knows that on my worst days,

I'm usually a lot better.

But it's worth loving him; because,

He's there for me,

Whenever I need him to be,

He holds me to my promises,

Whenever I'm about to give in,

He's patient with me,

Whenever I have failed to learn.

And thus,

I take a moment to hear him out,

Not the words he spills,

But the small secrets within them,

The truth that sometimes slips,

And although they may only ever be fantasies;

I listen.

Because he's worth loving.

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