Chapter 2: Depression

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Percy's pov
It's been two week's since annabeth broke up with me and to make it worse i have a half brother he has made my life a living hell he turned the whole camp on me blaming me for the wars blaming me for all the stolen items he even turned the people i trusted the most on me the people i considered family (omg so sad:( gonna get happier)my dad or former dad disowned me beleving my brother matt's lies.Not able to take the depresion im leaving camp knowing that there's nothing worth for me to stay for I write a note for camp to read i pack some clothes,ambrosia,nectar,mortal money,drachmas,and a knife because aperantly im not worthy enough to wield riptied stupid poseidon.
Once at thalia's tree i pet the last person i consider a friend peleus(a/n don't know how to spell it)i was barely outside when i hear some laughter not able to ignore it i check it out i see the worst thing possible i see annabeth and matt kissing while a crowd cheers them on even my dad or former dad i feel something inside me snap i scream but not a little boy scream a scream of pure anger everybody covers there ears to block off the noise a earthquake so strong it put poseidon's to shame all my powers were going crazy i was creating 50 foot waves throwing every body off balance.
"Percy stop this now !!" Poseidon screamed at me i just looked at him with so much hatred he visibly flinched
"Percy i don't want to use force but i will if i must!" He screamed at me i was about to respond when 13 flashes caught my attention the whole olympian council was suprisingly glaring at poseidon wonder why
"Percy stop this please!" Screamed artemis over the wind seeing as she's one of the few god's that has been nice to me since the beggining i stoped everybody looked shocked that i listen to somebody feeling the effects of using so much power my knees buckled and i was about to fall when suprisingly zeus and hades caught me not able to stay awake any longer i fell unconsious.
---Linebreak---still percy's pov
I woke up to a extremly bright light
"Someone tell apollo the sun's to bright" i heard some snickering and a huff of anoyance once i open my eyes i see most female god's turned around other than aphrodite i looked at them confused until i see im only wearing boxer shorts i looked up emberassed all the male god's laughed at my enberassement while aphrodite looked like a hungry wolf i honestly was scared feeling my fear hades snaps his fingers and im fully dressed i sighed all the goddesses turned back around artemis was blushing wonder why "Percy i know what my brother and iwas wondering if you would like to be my champion" zeus asked feeling happy for the first time in two weeks i responded immediatly "I would be happy to be you're champion uncle" i responded without hesitation he smiled then threw a light blue colored orb at me and felt my powers grow over the new element "Aww zeus i was going to ask first" said suprisingly hades
"O'well can i atleast give you my blessing? Hades asked "I would be proud to have you're blessing uncle" i responded without hesitation he smiled then threw a pitch black orb at me i felt my power grow again "Oh my turn" said aphrodite then threw a buble gum pink orb at me before i could say no i felt my power grow but not as much all the goddesses were blushing wonder why i looked at them confused sensing my confusing zeus created a mirror and passed it to me what i saw made me glare at aphrodite i knew i was handsome before because some girls told me every once in a while but now "Perseus may i? Asked hera i smiled at her and nodded she threw a bluish greenish orb at me i felt my mind grow in power wonder why she must of sensed my confusion "It means you can read minds block people out of you're mind" realization crossed my face at this "I thank you all... I didn't get to finish some sort of symbol of a dragon lit up obove my head every god looked shoked they all bowed to ME!?!? "Perseus you are the elemental dragons prince" said Zeus......
(A/n hope y'all like it i left yall with a cliffhanger for suspence)

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