Chapter 1:betreyal

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(A/n this is my first story so be nice:-) how time works 1 earth year= 100 elemental years)
Omega is having a great day training with his teacher you wondering who omega is he once was Percy Jackson you
wondering why he changed his name well let me show you.
Percy's pov
Just got back from my quest for athena's permission to propose to my wise girl.
Just dropped off my stuff when i see my wise girl sitting on the steps of the athena cabin when she looks up and see's me
she looked furious being the seaweed brain i am i walked up to her."Hey wise girl why are you mad? I said she didn't answer she just got up and slapped me i was so shocked I didn't register the hit her next words were the most shocking
"WE'RE DONE! then she just runs off in tears i was so shocked i stood there for about 5 minutes until i left for my cabin
oblivious to all the glares i was getting.
(A/n well first chapter done I'll be updating daily hope you enjoy sorry it was short i promise they'll be longer after

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