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before people freak out: no, i am not
discontinuing this fic, and no, i am not
deleting it, so calm down <3

━━━ sooo long story short i have been grappling with the idea of rewriting coding for literally over 2 years now!

if you've read my recent works, then you know that this fic doesn't really represent my writing style now ... which is a super nice way of saying that the writing is lowkey complete ass LMAO

of course, i know that coding is very well loved! cassie is my darling angel baby who can do no wrong.

that being said, i've been thinking about briefly unpublishing the chapters that are up, and uploading a newer version of them once a day—or even more often than that!

        to address some concerns:

        ━ the plot is not changing. i may add new scenes, or some new dialogue into already existing scenes, but the overall character arcs and plot will remain the exact same!

        ━ the comments will still be there! i know one of the best parts about wattpad is the comment section, so i'll do my best to work around the paragraphs that have a lot of interactions.

        ━ if i remove a scene, i definitely have a reason. there are a few scenes i've written that i'm not comfortable with now. and by a few, i mean like, literally 3 or 4 scenes. lmao. again, the plot isn't gonna change!

        ━ this really won't take that long lol. since i'm not changing anything aside from making it look less ugly and flow more cohesively, the absolute longest it'll take is 2-3 months. it's been 3 months since i updated last, so i know you guys can handle it <3

the current version will be
unpublished (again, briefly)
on FRIDAY THE 16th at
roughly 2 PM EST.

let me know your thoughts! unless they
are mean. then keep them to yourself

 then keep them to yourself

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