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the boys were gathered in the dance studio, they had practice today and was having a break after 2 hours of dancing.

" guys i have a nice story to tell you. " sohee spoke as everyone was having coffee.

everyone looked at sohee and listened.

" yesterday night i was using my girl's ipad to play games and i started watching youtube. and guess what i saw in the search history.. 5 bucks to whoever guesses it correctly. " sohee drinks his coffee.

" porn. " anton yells out.

sohee shot his eyes at anton and anton laughs.

" eunseok fancam. " shotaro spoke.

" wonbin fancam. " sungchan adds.

" seunghan fancam. " sunghan spoke.

" all wrong. " sohee shook his head.

" then what was it? " shotaro asks.

" sohee fancam. " sohee grins widely and laughs.

all the guys groaned and cringed.

" what's gonna happen if one day she searches wonbin fancam. " sungchan asks.

" aish. " wonbin grunts at sungchan.

" she's gonna die. i'm gonna kill her. " sohee smiles cutely.

last night,

" wahhh i made a burger babe. " he shows you his burger with 100 layers of onions.

" what the- why are there so many onions?? " you ask.

" i.. like onions in my burger. " he pouts.

you chuckled and continued studying.

sohee eventually got bored and opened youtube, as he was about to type what he wanted to search he saw your search history..

" sohee talk saxy fancam??? " he exclaimed loudly.

you blushed and grabbed your ipad hurriedly.

" i didn't search that!! it wasn't me! " you frown.

sohee laughs loudly, almost struggling to breathe..

" babe you're so cutee you watch my fancams~ " he goes towards you and kisses your face.

" of course i watch them.. " you admit defeat.

" aww. " he grins.

" you come home so late these few days so i had to watch some of your fancams so i wouldn't miss you that much. " you tell him.

he hugs you and kissed your cheek.

" i'm actually curious, i've never seen mine before." he watches his own fancam in your bed.

you watch as he watches with a serious face like he was monitoring his own work.

you rolled your eyes playfully knowing he would wanna watch his own fancam.

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