The Moon and the Sun - A tragic love story

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Hey everyone ^_^ ... whenever you look up at the sky at both night and the morning, what do you see?two cirlces? just another addition to a bland world? well, if you're like me, then you'll probably think differently. Whenever I look up at the sun or the moon, I see a lonely fate between two lovers who can never truly be together.

So here is my version of what lonely destiny's they live...


The Moon and the Sun - A Tragic Love Story

     Whenever I looked up at the sun every day, I see a young woman day-dreaming with a glint of hope in her eyes. Her love shining as bright as it can in hope of it reaching its destination… the moon.   

     Whenever I looked up at the moon at night, I would see much of the same thing, though on a more sombre chord. I would see a lonesome man trying to find the only person in the world of whom he loved the most… the sun. 

     I began to imagine what their lives would be like if they were just normal everyday people and this is what my mind came up with: 


     Once, there lived this beautiful young girl with long blond, flowing hair and baby blue eyes that glistened whenever the sun touched them. She had no need for the luxuries of life and instead was more than happy singing to herself and her indifferent family who always pushed for their daughter to walk down the academic route and take over their family business.

      Not too far away from where the girl lived, lived a young boy, the underdog type of course, with grey-blue eyes. He was known in the village for being the laziest person around and was treated like a leper for the most part by everyone, including his family. His father was the typical drunk and his mother was hardly ever in the house, everyone knew and with that, the rumours began, which only made things worse for the poor boy. He liked reading and was actually more clever than most boys in his year at school… it was only when people started making fun of him because of his family that he dropped out and hide within his shell.

      One day, whether fate intervened or not, the girl was sat by her window and was singing a sweet lullaby that her mother once sang to her when she was a little girl. Midway through her song she opened her eyes and looked down to see the young boy staring in awe at her as if he’d seen the most beautiful thing in the world. The singing stopped and they stayed, both eyes locked on each others, for what seemed like an eternity and that was it. That ‘special’ spark had lit and the wheels of love started turning, all in that one moment.

       At first it started with the boy wondering over to the girls’ house for a few minutes every night. Just listening to her voice - which she was willing to let him hear - was enough to break the boys’ shell and cast a small tear from each of his eyes. He would compliment her and tell her what a beautiful singer she was, which would make her blush from her cheeks to the very tip of her ears. She’d tried on many occasions to cover up the intense blushing but failed in the process, making the boy laugh more than he ever did in the past, so much so that he would get a stitch in his ribs from laughing so hard.

        In the slow progress that followed, the boy, now a teenager would write beautiful love poems which he would recite to his petite fleur after she stopped singing. After every poem the teenage boy would simply say: 

 “I love you, young miss. Now won’t you come down from your ledge and greet me?” 

        And her reply would be that her parents never allowed her to go out and that maybe one day she would escape from the ‘prison’ that she lived in and would run away with the boy and have a secret wedding that noone would know about and live happily ever after, like the fairytales that she read, where the prince would fall in love with the princess and live happily ever after.

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