Zodiac Signs - Stereotypes

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The Signs' Stereotypes:

Aries: I'm so sporty and- *person accidentally knocks into them* WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR I HATE YOU *beats person to a pulp* That's better!

Taurus: *shoves food down throat* I'm right, you're wrong. Now go get me some food, I'm too lazy to get up.

Gemini: OMG I'm such a schist talking, two faced, female dog!

Cancer: *cries in a pile of used tissues*

Leo: Tell me I'm beautiful, because I know I am. But, to be honest, I have self esteem issues.

Virgo: *swats away germs with gloved hand and Windex*

Libra: *flirts* *judges people* I'm pretty.

Scorpio: *stares at intensely* I am evil and mysterious. Wanna do the dirty? *wink*

Sagittarius: I can show you the world... LET'S PARTY! *jumps on table*

Capricorn: I must study so I can become a billionaire. Who needs emotions when you have money?

Aquarius: Would you like to hear my conspiracy about aliens?

Pisces: *daydreaming* *is so distracted that they fall into a ditch* Wait, what?

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