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"Rose Star [Female A Male O]" Author: Feng Jiu'an


Luo Xiuming, a talented student from the Military Academy, travels back to the interstellar Warring States period a thousand years ago, assuming the identity of the Omega youngest son of the fallen noble family of Kapa Star.

His siblings have ascended to the "upper class" of the Galactic Empire through marriage.

However, as a weak and sickly Omega with a weak pheromone, Luo Xiuming is considered a waste by his family and is subjected to mistreatment.

One day, at a peace ball, Luo Xiuming encounters Yin Xingrou, the unrecognized captain of the wandering star fleet at that time.

This female Alpha is quite interested in him.

In order to escape the control of his family, Luo Xiuming asks her to take him away.

Yin Xingrou smiles and says, "Sure, let's get married."

. . .

Luo Xiuming runs away, and soon after, news of their marriage spreads in the wandering star fleet.

And being involved with the Wanderer Star Group is simply a family shame!

Enraged, the father expelled Luo Xiuming from the family, and his siblings even issued a galaxy-wide wanted order to completely eliminate him.

Yin Xingrou exclaimed, "Exciting."

It seems she has married a troublesome husband.

#The female lead is a husband-conqueror#

#The male lead has been frequently assassinated since getting married#

#Naturally a perfect match!#

#Hey, beauty, watch me become the king#

#Love at first sight type#

CP attributes:

The male lead is cold, proud, and stubborn, while the beauty is an assisting conqueror.

The female lead is serious only about important matters and eventually unifies all the star marshals.

Text elements:

ABO framework, the rest are mostly private settings.

The galaxy not only has ABO, but also other intelligent species, various strange categories of appearing species, all created by the author.

The story plot and experiences involve some minor torment for the male lead.


The female lead has emotions and aspirations, not indifferent, a pampering story.

Male and female leads are soulmates.

My ideal is to conquer the vast stars, but I will still love you, my eternal love.

Content tags: Fantasy space, future alternate reality.

Search keywords: Protagonist: Luo Xiuming, Yin Xingrou ┃ Supporting roles: ┃ Others:

One-sentence summary: The female lead gains happiness by surpassing AAAA!

Theme: Ideal supremacy, true love eternal.

Note: Unrevised

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