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fleur and hayato grew exceedingly close together over the next two months, going out on dates every weekend, and fleur had never felt so happy before, the second task came, and they were expected to meet at the docks of the black lake

"we are doing what" i asked

"you are to find your hostage and recover them within the hour" bagman repeated, my eye was flinching

"excuse me" i said

"where you going" bagman asked

"i'm going to have my ship drop depth charges into the water until the merman is kind enough to give me back my officer, then i am going to order a full court martial for lieutenant daisuke igarashi, before having him shot by firing squad for putting a cadet in danger" i said bluntly, i was furious

"'ayato" fleur said, i turned to her

"your depth charges could inadvertantly 'urt zee hostages" she said, my eye twitched

"accio rifle" i said with a tap of the sheath of my blade, as the rifle flew into my hand

"right let's get this over with" i said, jumping into the water

"we didn't say go" bagman said

"sir, you took a person and put them at the bottom of an incredibly dangerous lake, sorry but screw the rules i am getting my girlfriend back" cedric said as he took jumped in, closely followed by viktor and fleur

"maybe this wasn't the best idea for a task" albus said, he had failed to change the task for the day, and was fortunate enough to force lieutenant igarashi to aid them in capturing a member of commander ishikawa's crew, by threatening his involvement with the contract they were all a part of

"it's tradition" bagman said

"a highly dangerous tradition" albus said

hayato had shot his way through the merman and whatever else got in his way, as he impatiently found his officer, as well, as a minny fleur, i drew tsukihime and cut them both free with it, the merman would have normally interfered but this human had killed several of their kind already and were unwilling to get in his way, as hayato cut the other two hostages free, and began to use his magic to lift all of them up, fortunately cedric was close behind him and came to help him with the other two girls, as they climbed to the surface

"lieutenant igarashi" i called the moment i surfaced

"sir" he said

"i want everything remaining in that lake dead the moment the other champions exit the water, start dropping depth charges" i said

"commander" igarashi reprimanded the murderous look on his face however said that this order was not up for debate

"i will be speaking with the admiral about this, placing me into danger is expected, it is why i was given a commission, placing a cadet in danger is the biggest idiocy you could ever come up with" i said, as i walked away, i soon saw and aided fleur from the water, who saw gabrielle, and her eyes widened

"they didn't" she whispered

"they did, i am sorry, i am having gabrielle brought aboard the musashi as soon as the healers are done with her, and i am not allowing the good lieutenant near the ship, this will not happen again" i said

"could you do that for me too" cedric asked

"if your girl wishes then certainly" i said, he nodded greatfully

"that is not necessary my boy, this is the only task requiring hostages" albus said

"make an oath on it" i demanded, he nodded drew his wand and did just that he made an oath that this was the only task in this specific tournament that required a hostage

"it is tradition to use hostages for the second task" albus said

"some traditions need to change" i said as i stormed off

i returned to my quarters aboard the musashi and began to meditate to calm myself when i was calm i reported this whole incident to my grandfather, who was just as furious as i was, but he forced himself to calm down

"his hands were tied" the admiral gritted out

"what do you mean his hands were tied" i asked outraged

"the champions aren't the only ones bound by magical contract, the teaching judge representing the tournament is also bound, if he failed to hold up his end, his entire family could have been punished, magical contracts are a fickle terrible thing, i'm afraid his punishment with have to be lessened as a result, but i still leave his punishment in your hands" takashi said

"fine, i won't shoot him then" i said, as an idea cropped up

"i can punish him anyway i deem fit, so long as it's not fatal correct" i asked

"he put a cadet in danger, he must be punished for that, so yes besides crippling or killing him you can do as you please" he said as a smile formed on my face

"i think my fellow champions deserve some retribution" i said, he smiled

"now that would be a good punishment indeed, you have my approval" he said, i nodded as he cut the channel, i sat back in my chair, and called one of the guards into my office

"have an officer prepare the brig for punishment" i said

"what am i preparing sir" he asked

"flogging tools, the punishment will be a flogging" i said

"i assume this is do to lieutenant igarashi's transgression" he asked

"you assume correctly" i said

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