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at ten a clock sharp hayato ishikawa walked up to the entrance of the castle where professor mcgonagall waited

"this way, Mr. potter" she said

"i assume the headmaster didn't tell you so i will, the potter line is dead, i am hayato ishikawa, heir to the ishikawa family, please call me by my actual name" i said, she sniffed clearly annoyed

"very well, Mr. ishikawa" she said

"and it is lieutenant-commander ishikawa professor, unless you wish me to call you miss mcgonagall, i have earned my title just as i am sure you earned yours" i said

"very well, may i call you commander ishikawa, for expediency" she asked, i bowed

"that is acceptable, professor" i said, she nodded and led the way to the ceremony that was taking place

"commander ishikawa, headmaster" minerva said

"thank you minerva you can go" albus said

"ah Mr. ishikawa i heard about you, i was quite disappointed you didn't come to see me for a wand, it could still prove useful to you to do so for household uses, but your blade will do fine for the tournament, may i see it" he asked, i hesitantly handed him tsukihime, as he inspected the blade

"the spectral swords of japan, are always impressive, he said as he drew the blade, his eyes widened

"a black dragon blade, with a golden dragon" he whispered, as he saw the golden dragon imprinted on the pitch black blade

"your sword specter must be powerful" he said

"one of the strongest i am told" i said

"i'm sorry what does a black dragon blade mean" albus asked

"spectral swords are not like wands they are made with the aid of their wielder, the color of the blade denotes it's power, a dragon blade is especially rare, as a dragon blade denotes that blade to be one of the strongest among it's tier, for example a blue dragon blade, is stronger then a blue blade and almost on par with a red blade, black dragon blades are exceedingly rare" ollivander said

"this is the fourth one ever forged, and has become a treasure of the ishikawa clan, alongside the other black dragon blade the kotetsu in the clan, i have been training because i am expected to wield both as my own when i come of age, the black dragon blade yamato is held by the takashima-clan the tsurugi, the last blade has been lost for quite some time" i said

"spectral blades can only be wielded by the one that forged it, which is why it is mandatory, the wielder takes part in the forging process, what that process is i do not know, the japanese guard their secrets jealously, what i do know is in order to use another's blade it must be willingly passed on and bonded to the new wielder" ollivander said

"an incredibly draining process, it is very rare, a non-japanese individual is given the opportunity of acquiring a spectral blade, as the only individuals besides us with the capability of forging them are the goblins, and the only reason they know is do to an alliance between the japanese government and the goblins, that states we trade forging secrets, they show us how to forge blades we show them how to turn them into spectral blades, this way we both win" i said

"can you name an individual who has a spectral blade" fleur asked

"in fact i can name several, one of which was a teacher of mine in my youth, and a professor here at hogwarts" i said

"really now, may we ask who" albus said surprised

"why it is filius flitwick of course, he could have had the goblins forge him a blade but he wanted a true spectral blade, which can only be forged by the japanese, and so in return for him training me in charms and in swordsmanship, my grandfather took him to our personal forgemasters, who are some of the best in the world, and had them forge him a blade" i said

"you were trained by dueling champion flitwick" krum said shocked, i nodded

"i hope to ask him for a spar for old times sake, before i leave this castle, but we will see i suppose" i said, i then turned to ollivander who resheathed the blade and handed it back to me

"as expected of any japanese swordsman, it is in beautiful condition, well used but also well maintained" ollivander said

"is that all" i asked

"uh we intended to have the champions interviewed" bagman said

"not waisting my time" i said

"at least stay for the group picture" bagman pleaded, i paused, before sighing

"very well, only for the group picture i must return to my ship, i need to make sure the rest of my fleet has come across any problems" i said

"the rest of your fleet" albus asked worriedly

"we don't trust the british one bit, the entire first fleet has been launched to deal with this situation, under heavy wards of course, no muggle will notice them, it is in our best interests the world doesn't know about the magical navy as well" i said

the group photo was taken fleur was in the middle sat in a chair, cedric diggory stood to her right, victor krum stood to the left, and hayato stood behind her his palms resting on the pommel of his katana whose saya-kojiri rested against the ground, the three main champions were smiling hayato however kept a neutral expression on his face looking every bit the militaristic that he was

"is that all" i asked, once more

"yes that is all" albus said

"would you escort moi back to zee carriage monsieur" fleur asked, i sighed

"certainly miss delacour, and we may speak in french if that makes it easier for you i am fluent in french, english, and japanese" i said in french

"thank the lords, my english is not great as i am sure you have noticed" fleur said in french, i nodded, as i escorted her to her carriage

"might i ask if i were given the ability to get to know you better, you have me curious as even us french have heard of the boy-who-lived, and you are not what anyone expected of you" fleur said

"everyone expected the spitting image of james potter, i am aware, as for if we may get to know each other, i can offer you an invitation to stay aboard the musashi should you wish, you seem to be one of the few here in this infernal country that doesn't see, the british golden boy, also if you would extend that invitation to Mr. krum as well, i am trying to recruit him, into the magical navy, he is a powerful individual one who would do well with us" i said

"how long would i be allowed to stay" fleur asked

"as long as you like you can live on the ship for the rest of the year if you wish, again extend that invitation to Mr. krum" i said

"you are very bad at this, are you gay by any chance" fleur asked i blinked confused, but then i realized

"i am not gay, i did not mean to come off as such" i said

"you have a girl asking to move in with you, and you keep bringing up a guy" fleur pointed out, and i understood

"you misunderstood me then miss delacour, i meant only that i can have quarters prepared for you aboard the musashi" i said

"i am aware good sir, i was just teasing you" fleur said, she wasn't entirely teasing, she wanted to gauge what kind of man that was in front of her, it didn't hurt the fact she was blasting her allure at full power, and he was entirely unaffected by it was impressive, and the man was handsome, he was already looking like a wonderful mate for her, she just needed to now know how he would feel about her........ fetishes, after she got to know him first of course

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