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fleur had elected not to live aboard the musashi.......... yet anyway, she wished to get to know her host first, viktor on the other hand, did accept the invitation, and hayato was more then happy to inform him, everything he needed to know about service in the magical navy

"i'll personally give you a tour of the grounds, if you would send me your address, i can have you on next years roster in a matter of days, and i can collect you for a tour this summer" i said

"what of these training fleets" viktor asked

"first years, are placed with upperclassman to get a feel for how things work, i'll make sure your on my ship, second year, is one you will have the opportunity to potentially branch out, and maybe even put your own crew together, every year we have our annual wargames, i would recommend you not spend too cheaply, we use live ammunition in our wargames" i said, viktor was a bit shocked but he nodded

"don't worry, as i said you'll be with me, i have yet to lose a match, and next year, i am getting a new flagship which will make defeating me all the harder" i said, patting him on the shoulder

the first task came, and i was disgusted to learn what it was

"you brought dragons from their homes, mother dragons at that, for entertainment" i said utterly disgusted, my words were ignored by bagman, which caused me to hate the man all the more, as my turn came and i stepped out, i noticed lieutenant igarashi scowling, it was clear he agreed with my sentiment, bringing dragons, of all creatures

as the cannon was sounded i let out a sigh, as my hand wrapped around the hilt, as the ground below me began to freeze, a moment later a strike of lightning shot forward, as hayato used elemental magic, to get under the dragon collect the egg, freezing the dragon into place before, thunderclapping out of there and back to the exit, i didn't notice the lieutenant's nod of approval, it caused as little harm to the dragon as possible, and no harm to myself, as my blade resealed in it's sheath, the ice on the ground thawed slightly, but only slightly it was november after all, but it wasn't absolute zero cold anymore

"what do i do with the egg" i asked bagman

"you keep it, it's your clue for the second task" bagman said, i nodded

"very well, if you will excuse me i am returning to my ship" i said

"wait what about your scores" bagman asked

"the lieutenant will inform me, later, i doubt i did poorly, i barely harmed the dragon, didn't get hurt at all myself, and gave the people a show of my elemental capabilities, something i try very hard to keep under wraps, now everyone knows at least somewhat of what i am capable of" i said, as i left the man, returning to the musashi

"headmaster, we may have a problem regarding the second task" the lieutenant said

"what could be the issue" albus said jovially

"sir, i know the lieutenant-commander exceedingly well, i was his swordsmanship teacher, and have been teaching him since he was four years old, the lieutenant-commander is not going to do something as ridiculous as swimming in the black-lake in february, the commander will simply drop depth charges, which will kill the merman until they recovers his hostage for him, whoever that may be, which is another problem but i digress" the lieutenant said, albus frowned

"what do you mean another problem" albus asked

"as you have no doubt learned our ships are incredibly warded, portkeys, apparition, all other forms of magical travel you can think of is blocked, you have to walk aboard the ships, no one on those ships will volunteer, and kidnapping anyone will declare war upon you by the magical navy, he is making no friends off his ships, besides maybe miss delacour, who is a champion herself, so is out, do you see the problem" the lieutenant asked

"oh dear, it seems we will need to change the task, ah and that would mean giving out a new clue, this is quite the disaster" albus said, the lieutenant smirked

"now you see the predicament you are in, for i shall not aid you in kidnapping a cadet from one of those ships, it will kill my career for one, for two, hayato would challenge me to a duel to the death, a duel i would lose, and for three, the idea of taking human hostages is ridiculous and stupid, the champions don't need such motivation, all of them wish to win already" the lieutenant said

"hayato wishes to win" albus said amused

"well, he will do his best to win, because the emperor, and his grandfather have asked him to, still my point stands" the lieutenant amended

"i will see what i can do, you will make sure that young hayato, makes it to the ball yes" albus asked

"i will do my best, the commander has always thought balls to be a waist of time, so he may not show, but i will do my best.......... although" the lieutenant said

"what are you thinking" albus asked

"i think, that the commander will be at the ball, but you may not like who he brings" the lieutenant said mischievously, as he bowed and left the headmasters office

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