Anna vs Elsa

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(Elsa's pro). I walk into the dinning room all ready to go find Anna but I don't see Kristof of Olaf anywhere, I walk down the hall stink no sing of them. "Olaf.....Kristof" I call, I walk up to my seamstress "cole have you seen Olaf and Kristof "? I ask in a rush. "Yes there by the gates waiting for you my queen" she said "should I retrieve them my queen" she asked before walking away, I run down by the gates and Kristof is in a wagon with Olaf. "Are you coming Elsa" he called from the wagon. I ran up to the wagon "ready to go Elsa"? He asked helping me to me eat. "I was born ready" I say siting next to Kristof.
*back at the castle*
(Anna's pro) I walk around castle scared people might find me and do what they did to Elsa be afraid of her I mean me, I pace up and down until I here a voice "Anna.....Anna it's me Elsa please I need to speak with you". I run to the stairs "Elsa....I'm mean Elsa what are you doing here" I say running to the be loft. "you need to come home to Arundel wear you belong" she said walk ping up the stairs to the loft, "look I don't wanna hurt you no please leave" I say getting scare of Elsa coming looking closer. "Elsa please stay away" *clenches fists* "Anna you need to come home" "my home is here Elsa NOW LEAVE!!!!" "Anna Rose don't snap at me" *grabs Anna's wrist* "Elsa let go NOW" "no you coming home with us no lets go" "I hate you" I scream as I throw fire at her, it throws her closer to the edge of the loft. "Anna please you don't see what your doing" she said screaming as I throw fire once more. She falls over the loft "Elsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream....

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