Chapter 1: Creation

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Chapter 1


In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where swirling nebulae and endless voids danced to an ancient rhythm, there existed a deity like no other - Lady Chaos, the Goddess of Creation, the first Protogenos. She embodied all that was formless and boundless, the origin of all existence, and the mother of the cosmos itself.

She mingled with the endless abyss for eons, constructing celestial wonders before siring the first race of immortal deities, born in her own image—the Protogenos. With a mere thought, she scattered cosmic dust across the skies of the abyss, creating vast clouds that coalesced into brilliant twinkles of entities. She delighted in their fiery births and the stellar dances they performed across the cosmic stage, awaiting to take consciousness.

First came Phanes, the firstborn of Chaos.

The Protogenos developed very slowly; every epoch, every million years, was equivalent to what would later be seen as a single year of growth for most mortal beings. Chaos designed her children this way because they were brimming with untold power—power that needed to be adapted at a pace that would teach them responsibility.

As such, when Phanes came of age, a mere ten million years old, Chaos bestowed upon him the domain of creation to celebrate her firstborn. For ten million years, Chaos and Phanes had been alone, gazing upon the flames of the forming gods, creating and collaborating.

Not long after, the spiraling lights throughout the galaxies descended the next line of Protogenos: Gaea, Tartarus, Ananke, Chronos, Erebus, and Nyx. Like how Chaos treated Phanes, she guided the newly birthed Protogenos through their jumbling youths until they had grown mature enough to receive their domains.

For Gaea, the Earth, a foundation for all, a planet of the symphony of life.

For Tartarus, the Underworld, the depths of the Earth, a kingdom where justice was brought to all who would harm his sister Gaea.

For Nyx, the Mist, the beauty of the night, a realm that reflected all of Chaos's gorgeous creations.

For Erebus, the Darkness, the overarching ends of the world, a plane of calm and tranquility.

For Ananke, the Order, the fate of all creation, the inevitable influence throughout the universe.

And for Chronos, the Time, the eternity of all creation, weaving the very fabric of the universe to craft the past, present, and future.

As millennia passed, Chaos and her offspring lived for paradise, occasionally coming together to guide the last tendrils of the cosmic lights to birth the remaining Protogenos. Pontus, Hemera, Ouranos, and Thalassa.

With the last glimmer of Chaos's divine streaks and the birth of these next line of Protogenos, it marked the end of the Eon of Chaos. No longer was there simply nothingness; no longer was Chaos alone drifting throughout the abyssal voids with only her inspiration of creation. She now had her children - the Protogenos.

Thus came the beginning of the Cosmos.

"Nyx! Nyx!" A sharp whisper pierced the air, knocking the Goddess of the Night out of her trance-like state.

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