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For the next few weeks, all that Neo did was go back and forth between the estate and the slums. The Viscount supported his decision to look after the people and sponsored money to bring Neo's plans to life. Under his leadership, the citizens of the slums who were first wary of his appearance, began to open up and trust him, seeing he had no ulterior objective. Currently, they all know him as a noble who is different from others who were struck with wealth.

Everywhere he goes, the common folk respond positively. They all yell things like 'My Saviour!' or 'You're a blessing to us!'. 

Neo shudders. 'I'm getting deja vu... Oh, right. There was that 'Young Master Silver Shield' incident. Maybe I should have taken the money and ran.'

The shabby place was soon being improved and slowly became another marketplace thanks to Neo's idea. He created a new pathway that increased the number of merchants that passed through. The territory slowly flourished, which caught the attention of many neighbouring counties.

'Of course, it wasn't like everyone could prosper. These people were just given a second chance, but some will still be stricken with unluckiness.' Neo sighed. 'Not even the most benevolent ruler could make everyone happy. If someone like that really existed, then they must be God.'

Then, who's responsible are those unfortunate people? It wasn't God, of course.

Neo silently sat by the river bank, watching the grass flowing in the wind and the lively ecosystem beneath the rippling water. He could feel someone nearby, and it was a familiar presence. It was the same child that bumped into him a few weeks before. Their appearance was still shabby, and nothing seemed to have improved. In fact, there were more injuries than anything. The boy stood nervously behind a tree, wondering if he should say what he wanted to.

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