Hide and Zeke

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Some campers were joyed with seeing each other, learning all about what the others had been up too. They enjoyed sharing storys with eachother and they enjoyed listening to one another. Some have changed, some still relatively look and act the same. Geoff and Bridgette had gotten married, Justin's modelling carrier had still been going, Courtney was still in law school and had almost finished, Trent was currently producing a new song, lots had changed, almost everyone had. Everyone but Ezekiel Miller, the homeschooled boy. The boy who had been (arguably) the most messed up by Chris throughout his entire time on the show. His way of thinking still hasn't changed, and most of the campers assume he stilled lived with his parents which is why his thoughts had not changed too much. He said the occasional thing that would get him a bunch of stares, but quickly apologised when and if he did. Still everyone, although did not like him, excepted him. They grew up. They knew it wasn't his fault and they all knew he didn't deserve what he got a few years ago. Little did they know he would be the first to get eliminated, just like the show..

The first challenge was hide and seek or as Ezekiel liked to say, hide and Zeke. One team of campers had time to hide while the others tried to find the opposite team. The loosing team resulting in a player being booted of the island. "Courtney, Duncan, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Lindsey, Ezekiel, Ava, Tyler, Geoff and Dj you will be hiding and the rest of you will be seeking!" Chris exclaimed, with a smug look on his face. By now they all could tell it was just Chrises resting face as he always had an evil grin on his face. No matter how hurt or bad things got (unless his ratings were hurt.) They all went to hide, by now things had gotten awkward with a few campers and they had all gotten to know each other, how they were, whats happened to them in the last couple years etc. Courtney had gone to hide near the cliff where they're first challenge was as Duncan followed her, he missed her and deeply regretted what he had done to her. Izzy had gone in the woods swinging from vine to vine, Katie and Sadie went near the docks, they had watched total drama island before this and found Leshawna had done well under water in the previous hide and seek and well Geoff and Dj had gone to the cave where the first "guys alliance" had formed. It brung back memory's that both boys appreciated a lot. Lindsey and Tyler both went their separate ways, after all they had broken up due to Lindsey forgetting his name in front of his parents, they had both still not let go of each other fully but Lindsey had a new partner back home.

Ezekiel was a very good hider, being able to hide until late at night, everyone else was eventually found, although nobody new where Izzy or Ezekiel were, nobody knew how good Ezekiel was at this game. He may have been homeschooled but that didn't stop him from having amazing hiding skills. However his team had won. Ezekiel got up from under the cabin went and to the confessional. On his way a mysterious figure lurked behind him. Almost mimicking his moves perfectly. Like a mirror. Then he turned around. "Who is that?" Ezekiel asked confused. It was dark, he couldn't see and soon he couldn't see at all. He was dragged back to his hiding spot. He cried and screamed as he had seen the sharl weapon being held above him. He was torn apart, cutting off hes legs and arms first, He could feel all his limbs quickly detaching. Until he could no longer feel anything at all. Each limb was hidden in different parts of the island. It was clear. They were not welcome. Chris had come across an arm. It was his arm. The homeschool boy. The boy he had tormented on the show, the boy he could no longer torment. It was a sign. Chris and his crew had immediately packed up and fled. They all watched as the only form of transport had just left. They had no idea what was going on. What was happening, were they just left to die here? Nobody knew. They all decided to go to sleep, hide and seek was tiring. They all looked for Ezekiel. He must be really good at hiding? He was still nowhere to be found. Until he was found. His head staring into Geoffs soul. He didn't deserve this. "Guys look! I think Chris left us here for a reason.." Geoff said slowly. Everyone rushed to see what Geoff was talking about. He was right. Chris had left them all to die.. and the first victim was Ezekiel Miller.

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