You broke down as soon as you heard the tragic news. Harry 
was dead.Murdered to be exact. Everything was so perfect earlier that day.

You woke up next to Harry, your fiance, this morning and he gave you a kiss as soon as he saw your eyes flutter open. He prepared breakfast and brought it to you while you were in bed, and sat on the bed, watching you eat the whole time. But something didn’t feel right that morning, you just felt a bad vibe.
“So babe,Im going to go to the studio today,” Harry said. “Why? I thought you and the boys didn’t have to go to the studio until a a few weeks,” you asked. He looked up and smiled at you, “because, im making something for you babe.” “Really,” you said excitedly,” Yes really, but I have to go get ready and stop by the boys houses before I go to the studio,” he responded, standing up and walking to the closet. 
When he was dressed and ready to go, he walked downstairs and you followed close behind him. He turned around before he left and gave you a tight embrace,” I love you Y/N,” he said kissing you on the lips.” So much,” he added, giving you a pinch on the butt. “I love you too Harry,bye, see you later!” You said giggling from him pinching your butt. 
He walked away and got into his car driving away, while waving and blow kissing you goodbye. But little did you know that, that would be last time you ever saw him.

(Later That Night)

Harry had been gone for quite some time, and you were starting to get worried. He usually didn’t stay at the studio for this long, not even with the boys. “It’s okay Y/N, don’t worry,” you said out loud to yourself. 
Everything got worse when you got a call from Niall. ” Hello! Y/N! Are you okay!? Im so sorry!” Niall sobbed into the phone. ” Niall! What’s Wrong!?” You screamed into the phone. “It’s Harry! Watch the news! Im so sorry, I got to go.” And with that he hung up.Your heart dropped when you turned on the tv and switched to the news.

“Harry Styles has reportedly been shot to death earlier tonight while recording in the studio. Police have been- “

You couldn’t even listen anymore. You felt weak in the knees and collapsed in front of the tv screen. You started beating and pounding on the floor under you,”NO! NO! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! HE WAS JUST HERE! HE’S NOT DEAD! I KNOW HE’S NOT!”
Then you heard a knock on the door,”It’s Louis, open up Y/N.” You stumbled to the door and opened the door falling into his arms. “Louis he was just here, he can’t be dead! I know he’s not!” You said looking up to his face with hope. Hes voice cracked,”Im sorry, hes gone Y/N.”

A/N: I didn’t really know how to end this. I could make a fanfic about solving his murder! That would be cool right!? Tell me what you think. Luv Ya!

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