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Pen Your Pride

I woke up in the middle of the night. Zayn just fell on top of me, drunk. He went to a party with the other boys to celebrate their new album. ‘Home’ he sighs and nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck. I smile sleepy at him and stroke his hair. ‘I’ve been hard for you all night’ he says against the skin of my neck. ‘Sure you were. Now, you better go to sleep’ I say. ‘No, I wanna have some fun’ he says and looks up to look at my face with a cheeky grin. ‘We have plenty of time for that tomorrow when you’re sober’ I say. ‘I don’t wanna wait. I want it now.’ He says childish. ‘I want you now’ he growls in my ear. I shudder but keep my mind clear. I turn us around so I’m on top of him. I sit next to him and pull him up, so he’s sitting on the bed. ‘You are going to sleep’ I say. I pull off his blouse and then his shirt. ‘Arms in the air’ I say. He does what I say so I can take off his shirt. I push him on his back but he pulls me with him so I lay on top of him again. ‘I said I don’t wanna sleep’ he says and looks me in the eyes. He flips us over so he’s sitting on my hipbones. He takes my wrists in his hands and pins them to the bed, next to my head. ‘Forget about that’ he says and takes my earlobe between his teeth. ‘Tonight, I own you’ he whispers in my ear. He kisses my lips roughly and slips his tongue into my mouth without permission. I taste the mix of alcohol on his lips and tongue which makes me dizzy. He massages my tongue with his. He takes my bottom lip between his teeth and tugs on it. ‘Did you change your mind?’ he asks and raises his eyebrows. ‘No’ I pant. I know he doesn’t believe me. I’m too weak to push him away or to stop him. I need him. Now. He smirks, knowing he’s winning and he will get what he wants. He places open mouth kisses all over my neck and collarbones. ‘This needs to come off’ he says more to himself and rips my shirt of my chest. ‘No bra?’ he asks. I shrug my shoulders. His eyes become dark with lust and want. He looks me in the eyes while he lowers his mouth to my breast. He takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks on it. I sigh, but I need more. He smirks and licks, nibbles and massages my breasts. While he kisses them, his hand travels southwards. He touches my panties, feeling that I’m already wet for him. ‘So wet’ he whispers and let my breast go. He sits between my legs and spreads them. He kisses my panties while he strokes my tights. He crawls up again and lays himself next to me. I look at him confused. ‘What? You said I needed to go to sleep’ he says. I growl and climb on top of him. I kiss him and unbuckle his belt. I open the button from his pants and pull down the zipper. I pull his trousers off and throw them somewhere in the room. I grind against him, rubbing our crotches together. He growls and flips us over so he’s on top again. He rips off my panties and looks in the drawer for something. He gets out a vibrator and turns it on. He smirks at me and hold it against my clit. ‘Enjoying it, babe?’ he asks. I moan and nod. He moves it to my slit and pushes the tip in it. I moan and arches my back. ‘This is nothing compared to what is going to happen when you’re soaking enough for me’ he whispers against my lips and kisses them. He pushes the whole vibrator inside of me and pumps it in and out of me very slow. I wrap my arms around his neck and moan against his lips. He gets it out of me and circles it around my clit, letting me feel my juices before pushing it back inside of me again. ‘Zaaayn’ I moan when I feel the knot in my stomach. He starts pumping faster and faster. ‘Oooh fuck, I’m gonna cum’ I moan against the skin of his neck. He gets the vibrator out of me and turns it off. He places it on the drawer next to us and he takes off his boxers. I reach for him and wrap my hand around his dick. He groans and nuzzles his face into the crook of my neck. I squeeze his dick and pump my hand up and down. The pre cum seeps from the tip and drips onto my thigh. ‘I can’t hold it anymore’ he growls and turns me around so I’m on my stomach. He takes my wrists in one of his hands and hold them against the bed. With the other hand, he takes my hip into his hands and lifts my bum into the air. He slams into me and starts thrusting fast and hard. ‘FUCK! Zayn!’ I moan and close my eyes. ‘You like that, (Y/N)?’ he growls. I moan and let out a shaky breath. ‘I asked you something’ he whispers in my ear. ‘Oooh fuck yes, Zayn! Fuck me hard!’ I moan. ‘Good girl’ he says and gets his dick out of me. I whimper but he turns me around and inserts himself into me again. He rests his whole weight on my body and starts moving back and forth. His chest rubbing against mine. His forehead rests against my shoulder. I tangle my hands in his hair and start thrusting upward, meeting his hips. ‘I’m close. I’m not gonna last long’ he groans in my ear. ‘Let it go’ I moan. He brings his hand to my clit and presses his thumb hard on my clit. That’s all I need to reach my climax. ‘Holy shit! God, Zaaayn!’ I moan and scratch his back. He holds himself up by his forearms and give hard and short thrusts. ‘Yes, fuck (Y/N), I’m cumming!’ he moans and throws his head back while he releases inside of me. He collapses on top of me and rolls off me. His chest is rising and falling at a fast pace. I crawl over to him and wrap my tiny arms around him. He takes me in his arms and places his chin onto the top of my head. ‘Even when I’m drunk, I can make you scream’ he whispers. I smirk and nuzzle myself closer to him. Soon he’s already snoring in my ear.

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