Chapter 4

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"Ughh..." Lucy groaned. Her arm reached for the alarm clock.

"Sweetheart! Time to get ready for school!" Layla yelled from downstairs.


She searched in her closet and found a clean uniform. She put up her silky smooth hair into a half up pony tail to the left side. She quickly slipped on her shoes and grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs.

"Hey, mom," Lucy greeted.

"Good morning! Here's your lunch and your cereal," she handed Lucy a bowl of cereal, which she happily ate.

"Bye, mom!" Lucy yelled as she got on her bike. She got to school and pushed open the doors and found Natsu waiting for her.

"What are you doing, Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"Waiting for you, duh," Natsu replied.

"Just go to class," Lucy told him.

"What class are you in?" Natsu asked.

"Class 2-B, why?"

"Awesome! I'm in the same class!" Natsu yelled.

"Be quiet, you're starting to annoy me," Lucy gave him a glare.

"Heeee!" He squealed, scared by Lucy.

"Come on, let's go to class," she dragged Natsu to class.

Once she sat down, she could not see Natsu. The bell rang, and class started.

"Hello, kids. Today we have a new student, Natsu Dragneel. The only empty desk is next to Lucy, so Lucy please raise your hand," The sensei said.

What???? I'm going to have to sit next to this guy? Lucy raised her hand.

"Oh, ok," Natsu went and sat down.

"Oh look, poor Natsu, he's going to sit next to Loser Lucy," whispers were heard around the room.

"Shut up! Lucy isn't a loser," Natsu yelled out.

"Natsu, just ignore them..." Lucy said.

"But, Lucy! They're saying bad things about you! I hate it when people talk bad about my friends!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Natsu...." Lucy said."You think of me as your friend?"

Natsu smiled. "Of course!" It was a wide smile that showed his perfect teeth.

Lucy blushed. "Thanks,"

"Wow, Loser Lucy blushed because of one compliment from another ugly guy," Bailey said in the back of the classroom.

"Shut up!" Lucy yelled. She got out of her seat. "I'm tired of you saying bad things about me! Actually, I really don't care if you say bad things about me, but don't say it about Natsu!"

"Miss Lucy, please sit down," the teacher ordered.

"Yes, sensei," Lucy went and sat down.

"Ok, let's begin class,"

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