My cat's second home

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"West..." I said as I stared at his back. I still felt humiliated and I'm sure I look like an utter fool when I thought nobody knew... But right now West is holding my hand AGAIN and I have something to ask.

"What do you think of me?" I asked as he led me to where my cat is. He glanced at me, green eyes staring at me and filling my stomach with butterflies.

"What do you mean?" he asked and stopped walking.

"I mean... did you think I was creepy... you know, always looking at you..." I said quietly.

"Umm at first yes..." he said and a bullet went straight through my chest. "But, I got used to it." Another bullet hit me.

"What do you mean you got used to it?" I asked.

He shrugged and started walking again, pulling me along, "Well, I didn't really mind it anymore since you were there everyday."

I felt like I shrank in size. Just how little is my importance to him? Will he ever see me as someone REALLY special? I bet he never once thought about asking me out let alone seeing me as a girl. He probably just sees me as a neighbor who has this childish infatuation with him...

I must've been too lost in my thoughts because I slammed right into West's chest. I rubbed my nose, "Why'd you stop so suddenly?" I asked.

He flipped his hair away from his wonderful eyes, "We're here."

I looked at where we were and gasped. I broke free from West's hand and started to make another run for it. West's eyes widened when I jerked away his hand. And before I could make my fifth step, I found myself being hauled up on his shoulders. I squirmed, "No!"

"Why are you so afraid? This is just Sky's house," he said.

"I am not going in there!" I yelled at him.

But West just held me tighter and rang the doorbell. I went dead, trying to make myself as heavy as possible. But West just laughed.

The door was opened by a maid who neither asked why West was carrying me nor did she smile, she just lifelessly told us to find her master on our own. West wouldn't let me down even when he was going up the stairs. I decided to make him lower his gaurd so that I can escape later. "Why was that maid speaking like some robot?"

West chuckled, "Her name's Dianne. Sky told me she's having trouble with her boyfriend, and by the looks of it, they must've broken up."

I was so surprised by that piece of info that I forgot about my plan. "Why would Sky know that?"

"Sky knows a lot of things..."

"Does he know more than the twins?" I asked.

West shook his head, "Nah, I don't think anyone knows more about anything than they do."

Once he was done with the stairs, he sighed and put me down but his hands were on my shoulders. He looked straight into my eyes holding me trapped. "You are going to help me search for Sky. You can't run away alright," he said.


"If you leave me here, I'll never talk to you again," he said.

My expression showed all the horror I felt from his threat.

"So will you stay and help me search for him?" he asked.

"Yes," I said quietly.

A disarming smile lit up his face, "Good."

After that, we went to the living room. I asked, "Why don't we look in his room?"

"Nah, Sky's probably asleep somewhere around the house," he said.

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