(17/30) German Potato Pancakes

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I started searching through the place for things to clean. It seemed pretty clean for the most part, not really anything in need of cleaning. Why did he want to hire a maid? Who knows.

I started venturing around the house, stepping past his room, my room, a small closet, a guest room, a storage r-

Storage room?

Who knows, I think as I went inside, expecting it all to be clean and spotless, which it was. Except for a small, brown box that was decaying a bit. Peeking closer, I sat on my lower legs, searching through. They were, I dusted off a bit, pictures. Of when Prussia was younger.

I picked up a few pictures. I could just imagine what was going on during these pictures.

There was one picture of a small Prussia running away from a little boy with brown hair in a ponytail (little long, if you'd ask me) and armour on. I could just imagine what was happening at the time.

You can't catch me, the small Prussia yelled as he ran away from the little boy childishly.

Oh, don't even try me! the boy yelled back, pulling out a play sword.

Prussia started running, then soon the boy caught up, and they both had a play fight with their plastic swords and arrows.

I smiled, imagining the scene. It looked like it was actual swords in that little boy's scabbard. But that's just silly. Who would give a little boy a real sword?

I looked at another, one where Germany and Prussia stood side by side, both a little bigger in the picture than the other. Germany had a serious expression on his face while Prussia had a smirk as usual.

They looked like they had on real army uniforms. Like, legit. Medals and all. Who cares, I thought as I put it back in the box and shifted around a bit.

Picking out a random metallic item, I saw that it was a medal. I put it around my neck jokingly and continued on.

Soon, it was a few hours later, and I heard a knock on the door. I ran over to open the door for, I checked, Ludwig. He peered down at me for a second, and I was confused. Why was he staring at-?

Ah, the medal! I took it off quickly and muttered out a soft, "sorry."

"It's fine. I see you found the box. Here, come on, I'll tell you the stories of when I was younger with Prussia and Hungary," he smiled softly, setting his things down.

"Oh, you don't have to-"

"I want to," he said, starting to walk before looking behind him at me. "Are you coming?"

I nodded, jumping over to him a bit. I could tell this will be good. Especially the story about the so many pictures of baby Prussia in a bathtub with bubbles all over him!

Smiling, I could tell this was going to be fun living at Germany's. I wondered how Prussia was holding up. As long as I lived here, I would work for Germany now, making German Potato Pancakes every morning.


I'm sorry for not writing a lot!! I've just had a con to go to and prepare for, but now it's done, so I got bored and started writing so I just ugh enjoy it.

I love you guys,
cstaron ♥

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