(11/30) Am I An Idiot?!

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"Hola," I heard a voice say as I walked with Prussia to the house that we were supposed to 'party' at.

I mentally groaned when I thought of partying. Looking over at the character of interest, my eyes widened a little. He wasn't half-bad looking. He had dark brown hair, olive skin complexion, and bright green eyes. I might've gone for him if I didn't already li-

Never mind.

I nodded my head at him in a way of saying 'hello' back.

"Ah~ Prussia, you're here! Welcome, come in, come in. Everyone's already here. Might I ask, why are you so late?" he asked, brightening up at the sight of Prussia.

"Well, I had to get this loser to get in her costume," Prussia rolled his eyes, pointing at me with his thumb.

"Why I aught t-" I growled slightly before a hand slammed onto my mouth; I rolled my eyes, groaning on the inside.

"Ah, but she looks lovely~! What's her name?" he asked.

"Oh, it's Ashley," Prussia answered.

"Hola, Ashley. I'm Spain!" Spain said, holding out his hand.

Prussia released his hold on my mouth, and I glared at him, easily smiling back at Spain and shaking his hand, "Hello, Spain. So, I suppose you're Spanish?"

"Si, we a-" Spain looked at Prussia, widened his eyes, and nervously looked back at me, "Our parents named us all after the countries that we were born in. Also, we all know the languages and cultures of the countries. I mean, who wouldn't want to learn about a country if you're NAMED after it?"

I was a little suspicious, but then again, I might just be paranoid.

"So, let's get this party started!" Prussia smirked, pushing me in by my lower back.

I stared like a deer caught in headlights when I was pushed in the room. No one seemed to pay attention thankfully.

"Oi, Prussia!!" a person said, waving his arm around for his attention.

Intertwining our fingers, he pulled me over to said person, making me yelp out in surprise.

"Ashley, this is France and Canada. Canada, France, this is Ashley," Prussia said.

After about an hour, I met everyone in the room. My head spun with all of the people's faces and names jumbling together. I seemed to remember most of them, though. In the process, I think I was slapped in the butt.

Soon, I went to my sanctuary, outside.

"Hey, Ashley, what are you doing back here?" Prussia asked, closing the door behind him.

I breathed in the cold, brisk air, leaned on the railing, and closed my eyes, "It's really cramped in there."

"I'm sure it is, but we're gonna play a game soon," Prussia said, his voice closer.

"Count me out," I said.

"Come on, you have to play," he said, his voice sounding a little bit like it was....begging?

I opened my eyes to see him not even two inches from my face.

"KYAK!" I screamed, almost falling off the railing.

He grabbed my waist, pushing me against his chest.

"D-Don't fall," he said softly.

"S-Sorry, uh, I...." I said, lost at words; all I could do is stare into his eyes.

His eyes. The red gleaming off of them. I'm sure they gave off a gentle glow, but I couldn't tell. My cheeks tinted a faint pink as I looked down at his shoulder awkwardly.

"We, uh, we should go back i-inside...." I said, looking back up at him.

"Y-Yeah, we...should....." he said, coming closer to me and holding me tighter a little bit.

He leaned down a little, only inches from my face. I could feel his breath on my skin, slow and even. His fingers drummed against my lower back as I could feel his heartbeat going faster. The breath coming from us both was heating up the air so that we could see it. Mere centimeters from our lips touching, I flittered my ey-

"Hey, come on! We ha- Oh~ So that's what you two were doing out here~" France said, smirking.

I groaned pushing Prussia away forcefully.

"Let's go play that f***ing game already...." I softly said, clenching my fists.

I almost kissed him.


I almost KISSED him.

I almost kissed him.


I dug my short, stubby nails into my wrists, fighting the urge to scream and curse and throw a fit. Sitting by Germany, I calmed down. For some reason. I don't know, maybe because he hates Prussia as much as I do. Or some sentimental crap.

"So, let's play some games!" the one called America said.

"No," I muttered under my breath as mostly everyone else agreed.

"Hey, are you okay?" Germany asked, looking over at me.

"Nah, not really," I answered, staring off into space.

He patted my shoulder awkwardly giving out a nervous, "There, uh, there."

"You suck at-"

"I know."

I sighed, looking around again.

"Ashley, Ashley!!" North Italy said.

"Just ignore him," Germany laughed jokingly.

"What is it?" I asked, laughing a little.

"We're all playing games, come play!!" he said, pulling on my hands and pulling my body up.

Soon, he dragged me over to the group. Dear gods, what am I getting into?


I suppose it's okay? :\

Kocham cię,
cstaron ♥

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