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(7/30) Dear Prussia, Stop Reading My Diary

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I DNOAPNW Hetalia. DNOAPNW? Do Not Own And Probably Never Will. Yea! I'm using acronyms all up in here!


So, after a few days of Prussia and his....Prussian-ness, I went out for some groceries. You know, bread, toilet paper, pants (don't ask), etc. I set down all of my things next to the door and walked in.

What the....I-Is he....

"Prussia, what are you doing, and where is your pants?" I asked, irritated.

To that, he walked up really close to me and put his index finger on my lips. He came up really close to me, about two inches from my nose, and smirked widely.

"I'm waaaaasted~" he whispered, blowing alcoholic breath into my face.

Then, he walked outside to the backyard. Welp, this isn't gonna be good for society. I walked out towards him, sighing.

"What are y-" I started, abruptly stopping in my tracks.

He was walking around....in his boxers. WHAT'S UP WITH THIS MAN AND ONLY-BOXER-WEARING?

"Prussia!" I said, grabbing him by the ear.

"Whaaaaaat?" he whined.

"Why don't you have any pants on?" I groaned.

"THEY SAID OUR LOVE WAS MEANT TO BE!" he started singing.

Weird part is....he was pretty good.

"I'm going to my room now," I said, turning around and walking up the stairs.

"When you walk away~ I count the steps that you take~" he started to sing as I walked up about half-way.

I sighed at him.

"You need to learn to be more responsible with your drinking habits," I said to him, making my way to the top.

"But....But....BUT, I LOVE YOU, ASHLEY!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Shocked, I stood frozen with blush covering my cheeks and nose. T-That's t-the u-uh drinking talking....right? Yea. Yea, it has to be.

Running the rest of the way, I slammed the door shut and pounced over to my diary to vent.

~The next morning, Prussia's POV~

Like every morning after Ashley leaves, I stalk up to her room because I'm awesome like that. Grabbing her diary, I jumped onto her purple-sheeted bed, sheets provided by THE AWESOME AND KIND AND CARING ME!

Sitting down like the awesome me does, I start flipping through the pages. The un-awesome her TOTALLY forgot to put a lock on it, so I can look through it as I please. (A/N Okay, I can just hear him saying this! And did you notice that every sentence has the word awesome in it? o.0)

"Blah, blah, blah, hi diary....come on, where's the good stuff?" I asked, looking through each line carefully so that I don't miss something important.

After a few minutes, I found out what happened last night when I blacked out.

"I DID WHAT?!   AND I SANG WHAT?!   AND I TOLD HER WHAT?!" I asked, yelling loudly.

"Prussia, are you reading my diary?!" I heard a voice from my left.

Jerking my head to the left, I held my hands up in defense and got up, expecting the worse.

~Back to Ashley's POV~

"Prussia, are you reading my diary?!" I said, appalled to see Prussia, on my bed, reading my diary.

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