I reached over to my side table and picked up the cold glass of orange juice. I took a sip as I watched some Spongebob on the flat screen in front of me. This was only day 2 of being in this stupid hospital. Why did I have to go in that car? Why was it me who got the least damage? These questions I could not answer circled my mind since I got here.

"Miss. Hunter?" A nurse said walking into my room.

"Please, call me Audrey." I fake smiled

"Okay Audrey, Your parents are here to see you. Would you like me to send them in, or would you like some time to rest?"

"Please send them in."

I put my juice down and gingerly put my brown hair into a bun, avoiding the abrasion on my forehead.

"Morning pumpkin!" My parents said placing Dunkin Donuts on the table.

"Morning'" I said

"Listen hun, I would like to stay and talk, but your dad and I have to go to work. We just wanted to check up on you. We brought you a few of your things from home to occupy yourself while your here." My mom said placing a heavy duffle bag on my lap.

"We brought your laptop so if your up for it, we could Skype later on when we come back for work. We'll be home around 11:30 or 12." My dad added

I saw my mother look into her Gucci watch.

"Sorry Auddy, We have to be at work in 15 minutes. Hope you feel better." My mom said running out the door with my dad waving goodbye and following.

I sighed. I wish my mom wasn't a model, I wish my dad wasn't a CEO. I wish they actually had time for me and stopped worrying about work. I took out my laptop and typed in my password. It soon started up and brought me to my home screen. I clicked on Safari and typed in YouTube. I really wanted to check up how my cousin Ed was doing so the first thing I typed in was

"Ed Sheeran"

It took a second to load and I clicked on his channel. It immediately started playing one of his songs "A Team".

My cousin is my favorite person to be around. As kids he used to teach me how to play guitar and we'd randomly sing all the time. He was my best friend. He's currently looking for someone to sign him, so he put up a YouTube page a few weeks ago. He's had a few hundred views so nothing major. But his voice is like an angel.

I drifted off into a deep sleep from the sound of my cousins guitar strumming and beautiful voice. I wish I could just recover from that stupid car crash. But most importantly, I hope my uncle's ok.


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