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College, not a good time. Maybe I should just tell mom I want to drop out. I can't. She kicked me out and I have no place to stay. I guess this is all I've got.
I'm (Y\N). I'm currently twenty-two years old and I just started college in a dorm room. Right now all I have is a few pairs of outfits and some money. Hopefully, this college will get me a job. I know this might sound crazy but, my mom kicked me out because I am going to college. She went, dad went, my brothers are going, why not me? Heck, she might even let the cat go to college. Anyway, I carried my (F\C) bag down the road while staring at a map. It should be here somewhere. Where is it? Suddenly, I got slammed into a someone. He had brown hair and blue-blackish eyes. "Oh my god, I am so sorry! Are you alright?" I ask, making sure he's OK.
"I'm fine, are you?" He asked.
"Yeah, just a little lost. That's all."
"Well, may I ask where you're going?"
"Umm," I pull out a small sheet of paper from my pocket to remember where the college is. "The Charles M. Schulz University."
"Cool! I'm going there right now! First part of directions: you're going in the wrong direction."
I blushed with embarrassment as we walked to the University together. We talked about the weather, new movies, the new season of Doctor Who coming out. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind came and blew my (H\C) hair in my face. I wipe it out of my face while spitting out some hair from my mouth. I knew I should've gotten it cut.
"We're here!" He says while opening the door for me. I say thanks and talk to the lady about enrolling
(H\C)= hair colour
(F\C)= favourite colour
(Y\N)= your name
(L\N)= last name
(M\N)= middle name
(F\N)= full name
I think that's all. If I skipped any I'll add them in the next chapter. Also, comment if you think I should do this at the end or the beginning of every chapper.

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