Chapter 1

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Hazel Grier is Hayes grier twin and Nash's little sister she's 15 just like Hayes and has dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. No one knows that she is Hayes twin and Nash's little sister as they wanted her to stay a secret so she doesn't get hate but hazels had enough of being a secret.

Her,Hayes and Nash used to be so close before Nash and Hayes became famous by making vines and YouTube videos. After their rise to fame, they started going on tour and partying and going to meet & greets and leaving her behind causing their close bond to break but hazel wants to mend their bond and show them she doesn't care about the haters but can she convince them and mend their broken bond.

Hazels POV

once I was out with Hayes and someone snapped a pic of us and put it on Twitter, where everyone started to write hate comments which I just brushed off but Hayes and Nash weren't so easy they decided to tell the fans that i was just a fan Hayes met.

I can't lie it hurt me like a ton of bricks, I couldn't believe my own brothers didn't want me to be in vines or YouTube videos but they would let our younger sister skylynn to be in them. I cried every night when they were on tour as I was never aloud to go with them or do anything with my twin and big brother.

I hate this life, I wish that I wasn't Hayes twin and Nash's little sister, all I want is to have a normal life and do things with my brothers that every other 15 year olds do but I can't and it's not fair , But enough of my rant.

Today is the day that Nash and Hayes are coming home from Magcon, I really want to meet the guys but I'm a secret so I'm not aloud. Mum and dad have even argued with them to let me go but the boys always won.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when my mum shouted "Hazel! come down here". "I'm coming!!", I yelled back. I ran down stairs to see mum and Skylynn sitting on the couch. "Yes" I said sarcastically, "Nash texted saying the boys are also coming so he was wondering if you could stay at a friends house for a couple of days".

"What!!" , I screamed, "mum I don't have any friends since him and Hayes didn't want anyone to know I was related to them, where am I supposed to go". My mum looked at me angrily and said "you know what , enough is enough it's time for you to have a life and the boys will have to like it because I hear you every night crying your little heart out, feeling lonely and have no one to speak to and it breaks my heart to see you like this so stay here with sky while I go and get the boys".

I felt tears forming in my eyes as my mum was finally letting me have a life. "Thanks mum, I love you so much" I said as I engulfed her in a bear hug. "I love you to hazel, I better go to get the boys and don't worry about them because they're not having a say, I will be back soon bye hazel, bye sky".

When mum left , I got hungry so I ask sky if she wanted to help me make pancakes, "sky do you want to make pancakes" , suddenly her little face lit up and she started to jump up and down shouting "yes yes yes". I couldn't help but laugh at how cute she was, ok let's cook some pancakes.


Magcon was amazing but I really missed hazel, the truth is I don't want to keep her a secret, I mean yes, I'm protective but Hayes on the other hand is so much more protective than me. I feel so bad for hazel she has no friends and mum texted me every day when I was away to tell me to let people know about hazel as she has been so down and cried every night.

The truth is that when Hayes saw all the hate on that one picture of him and hazel, he felt horrible as if it was his fault so to make sure she didn't get hate like that he wrote to the fans that hazel was just a random girl who he met at the mall.

I could see how hurt she was and I told Hayes that she doesn't let the hate get to her but he wouldn't listen. "Nash, Hayes!!" , I heard my mum yell I turned round to see her walking up as soon as she walked over i engulfed her in a huge hug and that's when she whispered "Hazel is in the house, it's time she get her life back".

I nodded in approval, she then hugged Hayes and the rest is of the boys and we walked to the car, I can't wait to see Hazel but I know Hayes is going to be pissed off.

Hazel's POV

"Sky !! " I yelled as she got the pancake mix everywhere, after I tided up the kitchen and sky. I went in a quick shower then dried my hair, I decided to leave it wavy and put on some comfy sweats on suddenly my phone lit up with a text from my mum.

From: mummy 💗😘 __ be there in 20 mins x

To mummy 💗😘 __ ok see you soon x

I let out a sigh as I threw my phone on my bed and put on 5sos -- amnesia


I sang but it's true I wish I did wake up with amnesia so I don't have to remember that I don't have a life. I shed a few tears as I look back on how close me, Hayes and Nash were.


It was a warm summer day , me and Hayes were 8 and Nash was 11. we decided to build a tree fort, Nash and Hayes were trying to show off but they ended up failing and we then started laughing our bums off , I had tears running down my face from so much laughter. it was a perfect day playing with my brothers.


I wish we were still that close.

Suddenly the door flung opened and I heard several male voices , someone started to walk up the stairs my stomach was turning in knots, who ever they were they were getting closer and closer till my door opened there I saw Nash.

"Nash !!!" I yelled and hugged him as tightly as I could as we both let go, i looked at him and asked "why aren't you mad". He looked at me with sympathy and said "I agree with mum it's time to show you off to the world and let you live a life".

By now I was crying and said "thank you", Nash then wiped my tears and said "lets meet the guys" I nodded and held his hand I was so nervous would Hayes hate me or will the boys just turn their backs to me.

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