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Paris had lead me on to believe that we were headed for some ornate and absurd affair. A huge house party maybe, bustling with sweaty teenagers and weed. Or maybe even some illegal underground concert that only the cool kids knew about. Where we were headed wasn't nearly as interesting as that.

"Dan Nicholas Park?"

I frown through the windshield as Paris drives us through an open set of gates. "I thought the park closes at seven." I say with a curious tone.

"Oh it does," says Paris. "But Wolfe can break through the hardest locks. A park gate isn't exactly too difficult for him."

"Oh great!" The sarcasm drips from my lips. "Breaking and entering, add that to my list."


"Yeah. I'm going to create a list of all the illegal things you're going to drag me through tonight."

My sister laughs loudly. " Oh man, Amy. If you think I'm bad you're going to love Skai."


My question is interrupted by a loud, excited scream.


As the car turns a corner, the headlights swing around to shine directly on quite possibly the most beautiful goddess of a woman I've ever seen.

She stands right in front of the truck, headlights seeming not to bother her at all. The girl has a giddy smile on her face as she lifts a half empty bottle of brandy above her head like she's just won the Olympics and the brandy is her trophy.

"Paris!" She screams again, this time laughing.

My sister has the biggest smile on her face. She's so happy that she does'nt even bother finding a parking spot. She just parks the car right there in the middle of the road.

I guess it's no big deal, I think, Not like anyone's going to be at the worst park in North Carolina, at freaking eleven o' clock.

We get out of the car and immediately the Brandy girl is running to my sister. As they embrace and laugh with each other I stand there awkwardly, loving the smell of the Brandy girl's hair as the wind blows it into my face.

You don't even know the girl's name, and you're already taking sniffs from her hair. Creeper.

I tell the argumentative side of my mind to shut up and stop being such a party pooper.

A dark, quite, silent-looking boy emerges from the shadows behind me.


Paris releases her grip on Brandy girl, and runs to the boy dressed all in black. He gives her a half hearted smile as she hugs him.

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