On the Moon the Devil and Dead Souls Part 2

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The UNIVERSE is classified, Margarita has an extraterrestrial power. Sensational discovery of a new science!

The state of a dead soul after its death will go to the Universe, where there are many broken hearts that are under the cover of moonlight and who did not meet their beloved in these dark coverings of black magic on the Moon!

The dead will tell all of you themselves that their thoughts are pure, they cannot lie. These are all loving people who are in the Act of Love in Heaven in Eternal Life. All these human souls are buried on the moon, they have been waiting all this time when they come to save them and their loved ones. All these human souls in these static graves on the moon unanimously asked for help!

And at that moment, when they spoke, the soil on the Moon, which was covered with sand, moved to cover the grave of every human being and preserve the invisible cemetery on the Moon from all those who came to the Moon.

My life stopped when I saw in my cards a message sent to me from the devil, which until now has not been seen by any person who could come to the cards to him! All those whom he met earlier, people who came to ask the devil for help, all these people were without love, and their desire to receive help from the devil put an end to the mockery of the devil, and not thanks for the help. So, the devil stopped feeling sorry for people, and he stopped coming to their aid.

When the soul was dying, she did not even know that she would be here, being in this closed and suspended state where only the devil can tell the soul why she is here! And only the Devil can help there on the Moon, because he saw the whole life of this soul on Earth!

The devil is not a jester and not a fool, as the soul learned about it when she died, and the devil said that there would be a court, and you need to drink ten cups of holy water to free the soul from dark forces and their curses on the earth! Holy water will give the soul strength and patience to come to spiritual immortality, and the highest judgment will be handed down, this is the secret of magic, and then the soul will light up and fly to the Sun after it was held by the swords that were inserted into it on Earth, after why she died and was separated from her beloved soul! And having met in the sun with his beloved after a thousand years of separation, the power of the Sun will not leave them, the soul knew about it!

Death is gone, the devil testifies to the highest justice!

I testify to this, and I am a Wiccan witch here on Earth, and the Empress of the Universe, who spins the wheel of fortune!

This message belongs to my Wiccan home, in which I am the queen of cards and the queen of the universe crowned with the dead!


MARGARITA is a Ukrainian - Canadian White witch and author, she represents her supreme justice, extraterrestrial ability to possess energy. She is THE HIGH PRIESTESS in the UNIVERSE and she informs the whole WORLD that she is the QUEEN of the UNIVERSE crowned by the dead people in the Wiccan Queen on EARTH. August 2006, the power from above in her majestic Tarot cards informed of the creation of the WORLD and continues to inform about its future.

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