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A/N: It's probably obvious, but I just wanted to point of that this is laid out differently than the movie. I can't remember every detail, and I don't want to wait for it to be released on DvD before I write more. Also open to ideas~ Hope you like it!

What is that sound?

I glanced around in search of the flapping sound that I was hearing.

What sound?

Na'wei came to a halt and craned their neck to look around.

It sounds like-

A loud screech pierced the air just above me and huge talons wrapped themselves around my shoulders. I screamed as the creature quickly lifted me skyward.

Na'wei clicked frantically and swam in circles below me; worry covering their face.

"Thought you could get away from us that easily, huh?"

"Colonel?" I tried to look up but all I could see was the creature. It kinda looked like a pterodactyl.

Colonel Quaritch poked his head around his creature to look down at me; a smirk covered his face.

"I was just going for a swim. I was chased down by some catty looking creatures and fell off the cliff. I didn't see a way back up."

Quaritch nodded, "We saw the same creatures. Three of 'em. We took 'em out."

I frowned, "You killed them?"

"It's kill or be killed, Miss Woods. You'll learn sooner or later. Hopefully sooner." He turned his creature and had it fly back towards land. I looked down at Na'wei with a frown.

I promise I'll find you again, Na'wei..


I was dropped roughly to the ground by Quaritch's creature once we were back with the group. I groaned as I sat up and rubbed my back.

"That was rude.."

The bird creature landed next to me and the colonel hopped off of it.

"Nothing less than you deserve for running off." He pulled his walkie talkie out and called for the aircraft.

I sighed and rose to my feet. I took the time waiting for the craft to examine the creature more closely. It eyed me warily.

"Like him? Got him myself. Was a hard little bugger to tame." Colonel Quaritch patted the creature's neck. "The natives call them Ikran or more simply, the mountain banshee."

I smiled, "He's beautiful." I reached out to touch him but he snapped at my fingers. I recoiled quickly. The group laughed.

"Careful there, Miss Woods. Not every creature is going to welcome you with open arms. Especially since you look so weird."

I glared at him, "You don't have to be so mean. It's not like I chose this." I lashed my tail angrily.

"Maybe not, but it'll definitely keep the native Na'vi away from you."

I frowned and looked away.

He's right. I hated myself before, but now I wish I didn't even exist. Why would you do this to me, Father?

I looked up at the sky.

"I want to go back."

"Go back? Your old self is dead. Gone. Your body has already been cremated."

My eyes widened with shock.

"What..?" I stared at the colonel. "I..I'm stuck like this?"

"I'm afraid so, but don't worry, we'll put you to good use." He gave me a sadistic grin.

I backed away slowly.

"No.. I don't want that."

"Girl, I don't really care what you want. Your father didn't want you anymore, so now you're here. Get over it."

One of the other guys in the group grabbed ahold of my arm so I couldn't run off.

I lowered my head and stared at the ground.

I will escape. I'll find Na'wei and get far away from this place. I don't want to be their..their weapon. That's wrong.

I closed my eyes and listened to the reverberating sound of the aircraft as it got closer.

I will play along, and I will learn my abilities. They will regret ever creating me.

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