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"Me & willow were watching a movie. She's so cute when she sleep.

"Moveee" i mumbled because von kept kissing my face.

"Mmmm, come here" he said.

"Mcht" i sucked my teeth. "Willow right there & she sleep"

"Ight lets go inna next room then" he said. "I'm tryna give yo ass triplets" he kissed my neck.

"No" i laughed holding his head.

This feel so good.

"You don't want yo pussy ate?" He asked.

"Shut the hell up" i laughed.

"Shidd ion gone lie ma" he said playing with his dreads. "That blizzard shit was good as hell tho"

"I know right" i side eyed him. "Go get one"

"Nah you get it" he said. "My arms n legs hurt" he flopped on the bed.

"But you wanted to give me triplets" i pursed my lips.

"When i said that?" He asked playing dumb making me suck my teeth.

A few minutes later willow woke up.

"Why durk calling my ass" he said pulling out his phone.

"For willow duh" i said as he answered the facetime call & gave the phone to willow.

"Where india" she said making us laugh.

"Damn you don't wanna talk to me?" Durk asked. "You having fun?"

"Yes" she said. "Uncle von said he gone beat me & him n aunty destiny was kissing"

"Durk yo daughter a snitch" von said.

"He not gone beat you, he know imma whoop him" durk laughed.

"Ain't whooping shit" von muttered.

I laughed then got up to go in the kitchen.

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