Chapter Two // Thanksgiving Preparations

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Katsuma arrived home from work to see her door was fixed. There was a tiny note stuck on the door.

Figured I'd fix your door while you were working so all the noise wouldn't disturb you! You're welcome!
- Ichigo

"Well at least it's fixed." Katsuma whispered to herself. She could always count on Ichigo. Her cheeks were chapped and dusted pink from the cold November air. Her job wasn't too far of a walk but, still sucked when it was cold outside.

Katsuma was making dinner when she heard her phone vibrating on the counter. It was Kiskue.

Katsuma - "Hello?"
Kiskue- "Well hey there Kat! Ichigo said you'd be off work at this time. I was gonna ask if you could stop by tomorrow and help prep for Thanksgiving."
Katsuma- "Yeah, I guess. I don't know you need my help though. I'll be there!"
Kiskue- "Fantastic! Thanks!"

Katsuma put the phone down and began eating her food. Once she was done she showered and went straight to bed.

The next morning she woke to the annoying beeping of her alarm. It's sunny today. "I hope it's warmer today." She stretched and slowly rolled out of the warmth of her bed. She really didn't want to go to Uraharas but, she would've felt bad if they actually needed help and she didn't do anything.

Once she was dressed she headed out the door to Ichigo's. Good thing they're neighbors. She approached the front door and began knocking. Yuzu answered with a big smile. "Hi Kat! Sorry but, Ichigo isn't here!"

Katsuma blinked a few times before saying anything. "Ah okay. He must've left without me. I'll see if I can catch him!" She began towards Kisukes.

Meanwhile at Uraharas shop, the place was a mess. Every single room. Especially the kitchen. It looked like a war happened. Orihime and Rangiku were in the kitchen baking sweet treats. The loud girly squealing annoyed Grimmjow to no end. So he tuned everyone out while sitting on the couch watching Jinta and Ururu play Xbox. "Hey brats let me have a turn!"

The firey, redheaded boy, absolutely loved pushing Grimmjows buttons. "No way! You probably suck!" He exclaimed while sticking his tongue out. Grimmjow yanked the controller from his hand. "Watch this brat."

Ichigo and Kiskue were in the basement doing God knows what. After about 20 minutes of walking Katsuma finally arrived to Kisukes. She was welcome by Tessai. "Welcome miss Katsuma! So glad you finally made it!"

"You're damn lucky it's not too far of a walk." She spat with annoyance. "So what's my job, boss man?" Orihime joined the conversation. "You're going to help us cook!" She beamed.

Katsumas eyebrows shot up as her face grew slightly pink. "Me? Cooking? Are you sure?" Suddenly there was a loud chuckle. "Oh shit! You can't cook? I thought every woman knew a basic skill like that." Grimmjow spoke while watching Katsumas face grow even more red from his comment.

She turned to glare directly into Grimmjows eyes. "Well I certainly don't see you contributing to anything. So continue to sit there and shut up!" Her attitude only made Grimmjow laugh even harder.

She walked up to the kitchen counter with nothing but sheer determination. Orihime and Rangiku were excited to have her in the kitchen with them. Katsuma looked at all the different things they made. "Wow Orihime, these taste just as good as they look!"

"Thanks so much! Why don't you give it a try? It's so easy!" Orihime responded. "You got this girl! If I can do it you can too!" Rangiku chimed in.

Katsuma began baking some cookies. Easy right? She was so focused on proving Grimmjow wrong she put too much flour in. She threw them in the oven feeling confident. While waiting for those to bake she decided to be extra and whip up some frosting to go on top. Her hands were covered in it. Grimmjow proceeded come check on her.

"Damn nothings on fire?" Katsuma rolled her eyes at the comment. "Very funny. If you came in here just to distract me then leave."

Without thinking Grimmjow grabbed Katsumas hand and licked some of the frosting off her index finger without breaking eye contact. "Well that wouldn't be very fun now would it?"

The timer buzzed and Orihime shouted from the background. "Time to test them!" Katsuma yanked her hand away from Grimmjow, face flushed. "You get them, I need some fresh air!" She stammered, practically running to get outside.

"What the hell." She breathed into the crisp, cool air.

Inside the house, Rangiku, Orihime, and Grimmjow stared down at Katsumas cookies. They looked a little odd. "Oh I'm sure they're fine!" Orihime smiled. Rangiku gagged. "These are horrible." "At least she tried! I mean maybe they just need some icing or even sprinkles!" Orihime tried to keep the positive energy.

Grimmjow walked out to find Katsuma sitting on a bench. "You're missing the show."

Katsuma scoffed. "Just go eat my shitty cookies."

"I like them."

Katsuma sat up and looked at Grimmjow with a confused daze. "Huh?"

"I like them. Because you made them." Grimmjow replied while maintaining a cool composure.

"Oh, uh, thanks..."

"Come on, get back inside. It's cold."

Katsuma slowly followed behind Grimmjow heading back into the chaos of a kitchen.

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