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hunter's P.O.V

bounding into the shool my eyes scan the people walking. chloes scent is weak so she must of already gone in.

sighing i follow the scent keeping my eyes out for my mate in jeans and a sweatshirt. my mouth drops to the floor when i see her by her locker.

wow. the dress she has on fits her like a second skin but goes down to the knees. her long blonde hair is casscading down her back.

"hey dude......wow" jack trails off glancing at my mate. "i know" i murmur huskily, my eyes hungrily roaming the uncovered skin.

rose, her friend walks up to her, just as shocked as i was. they hug and i cant seem to take my eyes of chloe. rose seems to notice for she whispers something into chloes ear.

spinning around chloe gazes at me blushing when she notices me looking. i slowly walk towards her, my smile growing bigger by the minute.

"hey" chloe mumbles and i careress her cheek. "you look beautiful chloe" i say and she blushes furiously making rose awww.

slinging my arm onto her shoulder i walk with them towards their class. "so how was your nights ladies" i smirk , hoping for chloe to answer.

rose smirks while chloe stiffens before trying to make her body seem relaxed. "mmm" is all chloe says before grabbing rose and towing her into the class.

frowning i head to my class, sitting down in the seat next to jack. "hey dude hows chloe" he asks and i grunt.

knowing i dont want to talk about it he nods and turns towards the teacher entering the room. the lesson starts and i slump back for a long lesson.


the bell rings and i bound out of the doors after a long day. sniffing the air, chloes scent heads outside.

walking to my locker i shove my books in. the same jock that had the nerve to touch my mate banged me into the walk before laughing.

growling i grab his neck and throwing him across the hall. stalking up to him i squat low and whisper in his ear.

"dont. touch. me" i snarl and he nods silently before blacking out. walking away i head out towards the carpark. the scene in front of my makes my wolf snarl in fury.......

chloes P.O.V

the bell rings andi jolt out of the room. pushing my books in my locker i sped outside, waiting for hunter. i really like him. blushing at my thought i wander the lot.

a hand grips my arm and cold sweeps through me. "hello gorgeous" brady puurs and i flinch in fear.leaning down he sweeps his lips over my neck.

i pull away in disgust while he smirks at me. "w-what are y-you doing h-here" i stutter and he smiles but it doesnt relieve me.

"seeing what is mine" he whispers in my ear and i freeze. his?. no im not his." i push him away. "im am not yours" i say strongly and he chuckles darkly.

"not yet my pretty, not yet." he says before crushing his lips to mine. my eyes widen and i push at him but he doesnt budge.

biting my lip he almost growls and my mouth widens as i squeak. taking the advantage he thrusts his tounge in my mouth and tears stream.

suddenly he is ripped away from me as hunter holds his throat. "mine" he growls viciously and brady laughs.

" on the contray she was promised" brady laughs and hunter punches him in the face."no" he yells throwing him to the ground.

shaking madly, he closes his eyes. i run up to him , placing my hands onto his shoulders. immediatly calming him, he pulls me away into the forest.

i follow him, not caring where we went. suddenly he stops and i look at him. his eyes hold saddness and pure fury.

shivering in pleasure i look down but he pulls my chin back up. "please look at me" he murmurs and i look up.

"who was he" he growls and i blink. "what" i say and he growls again. yesh whats up with this growling. "him." he says and realization hits me.

"oh.... i-i dont know...he showed up at m-my house last night a-and my dad and- hunter" i trail off helplessly and his gaze softens.

"so you dont-.. you know" he mumbles sadly and i gasp. "no! - i-i like you" i say then slap my hand onto my mouth.

"what did you say" he asks and i look down. "i like y-you" i say blushing and im engolfed in arms." i like you too chloe..- more than you know" he says and i look up.

his eyes held adoration and i melted in his arms. "may i" he whispers and i nod, knowing what is going to happen.

slowly he leans down, pausing to let our breaths mingle and i wrap my arms around his neck, wanting him.

slowly he pushes his lips onto mine and desire washes through me. he wraps his arms round my waist, crushing me closer.

but i dont mind. in fact it makes me hot as electricity egnites me. pressing myself closer, he lets out a small groan from the back of his throat and bits my lip.

immediatly i let him in, his tounge exploring my mouth lovingly. he pulls away and i let out a dissipointed noise. chuckling he kisses my lips lightly before pulling me along with him.

"where are we going" i ask him, still flushed from the kiss. smiling he opens the passenger seat to his car and i slide in, zooming round to is side he hops in and smiles at me.

" do you want to meet my parents?" he asks and i blink but nod, too shocked to talk. we drive off and i think to myself.

will they like me?....

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