Ch-1 Concern

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I chant, groaning at the obnoxiously noisy alarm as i toss to my side hoping to get atleast two more minutes of much needed sleep


Springing up like a corpse rising from the dead, i decide it's a great idea to toss the alarm instead of turning it off leading to a loud crash and a extremely broken device laying on the floor


Ever since the little "interaction" I had with Asslo (Arlo) on the turf wars field i've slowly been seeing myself slip back into the ways i was oh so desperately running away from, though i doubt im the only one

I let another slew of curse words slip through my lips as i get up to go to the washroom, hearing the creak of wooden planks and feeling the throbbing pain of yesterdays "adventures" haunt me with each step

luckily it's the weekend and i dont have to deal with anybody..unpleasant, feeling the thoughts dim as i lazily step into the icy shower.


I fumble to the kitchen, once again lost in thought about yesterday

To my surprise, sera was back early. Knocking at my door twenty minutes after i had gotten home, like god was playing some kinda cruel trick on me.





Please..please go away..not now..i cant let her see me like this now..feeling tears threaten to spill as i repeat to myself.



I exhale deeply.

Did she know i was home?


Will she be upset with me on monday..?


Why did she come back so quickly..why now..why..-


I feel my entire body jump, the pain following right up with it.

wincing slightly as the stinging and the feeling of slack poorly wrapped bandages on my covering my skin becomes more apparent.

I get up off the kitchen stool over to to front door, somewhat annoyed at whoever is screaming my name at this ungodly hour.

Swinging the door open with an unimpressed expression though it's soon ripped off my face when i come to a halt seeing whos standing infront of me

"John! How ya doin son?"

He asks, walking past me into the living room, setting down whatever luggage he had with him

"I forgot my copy of keys before coming haha, im lucky you were home and not on a walk!"

"O-oh..yea but..why are you here??"
Quickly wiping the shock and exhaustion off my face i reply
While smiling sheepishly

"You werent answering any calls! Of course i had to come"
"Also John you... look a little.."


"You havent been disregarding your health again right? have you been eating?" Concern clear on his face

Well just about as well as someone who got flung around like a rag and impaled can eat...

"Oh! Yea i've just been.. a bit out of it lately." Attempting to shrug off whatever concerns he had, sweat like bullets dripping off the back of my neck

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