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Yandere kny x reader by TheAngryBakago
Yandere kny x readerby Bakago
What happens when you, the main character gets a harem? Only this time it's corrupted. Slow updates
Bakubottom one shots  by bakubottom4Lbitchez
Bakubottom one shots by Soggy.Muffinz_15
Wattpad fucking deleted my first one so I have to start over I'm fucking crying I had 140k. I'm so sorry I tried to get it back. I called filed complaints nothing worked.
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied By My Brothers by LarryStylinson1D454
Just Breathe: Sequel to Bullied Grace Evans
This is the sequel to Bullied By My Brothers. If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend to read that book first! -------------------- Ellie has four brothers...
Danger Force with my OC by Wewantthecake
Danger Force with my OCby Chocolate Cake
Alanna is Chapa's little sister. this is basically Danger Force but with my OC... I also might make another story about oneshots with her... enjoy! I do not own any char...
Tbh X Laff by Been_There_D0ne_That
Tbh X Laffby No
I don't know really I don't know ~Cover updated by Minecraft Lettuce~
edluca oneshots by EdgarValdenPee
edluca oneshotsby REAL LIFE LEN
• 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 • (parkster) by luxxiehehe
• 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗 akiwa <3
Uh.. so let me explain. This was supposed to be a joke between two roommates who make scary videos together (Luxury Dark/Life of Luxury) by the names of Parker and Chest...
Why do you stay? {Shigadabi} by kuinmazu
Why do you stay? {Shigadabi}by Tomi (:
{slow updates} Art student shiggy meets Dabi who's arguably the biggest asshole in the world and it all really goes from there. I'm not sure why y'all love this story so...
A Night At The Daycare~ |  SunxMoon | Smut- by _ARFBARKARF_
A Night At The Daycare~ | _ARFBARKARF_
Sun and Moon spend the night together~ PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS TOO SERISOULY , im writing this for my friend. I do not ship sun and moon
~•=*+Hermitcraft Oneshots+*=•~ by phroggyboi113
~•=*+Hermitcraft Oneshots+*=•~by phroggyboi113
honestly, i wanted to make a book for oneshots of hermitcraft (contains multishipping and poly ships). I will be inserting my own oc, (you get to find that out later) AL...
Splatoon One-shots/ Scenarios by Nintendofanchild
Splatoon One-shots/ Scenariosby ~Rain Blossom~
Well...if you can't beat e'm join e'm... I dunno this is purely to ease my boredom. So I take requests. Yes. I will do le romance because I wanna improve in that genera...
Dreamharem Because Yes :) by 1Z78G62
Dreamharem Because Yes :)by Kill_me_please
No smut. I feel uncomfortable writing that :/ Normal books I have written for entertainment And these are not oneshots
My Ocs ✨ by Strxwberry_Cow
My Ocs ✨by Esti n Pierre
Since I'm slowly falling out of CH/SH, I'm just gonna start putting my ocs here. Have fun ig.
DreamWasTaken x Reader by xkCURSExk
DreamWasTaken x Readerby Curse
This was requested by a friend of mine, so erm- I hope you enjoy??? p.s. i don't own the art, you, or anything else- just the story p.p.s this is just another cliche yo...
A Change in Pace by Klancechild15
A Change in Paceby Virgil
Marinette won a class trip to Gotham for her homeroom class. Yet Lila took the credit. Follow Marinette on her journey of discovering who are her friends, enemies and ma...
sweet home alabama by HentaiShitpost
sweet home alabamaby Too deep! Abort!
a story about a brother and sister who like like eachother... tee hee! owo!
MICHAELXCC💦😍😈😫 by tannarlovee
Maybe It's Ok... {King Dice X Abused! Reader} by Because_reasons_
Maybe It's Ok... {King Dice X Meme👏Review👏
You are the Devils friend from the over world. You have been mentally and physically abused from you're parents and have been bullied at school you're whole life. One da...
Have a coffee with me~ by Shifulook9
Have a coffee with me~by Parfait cookie
Espresso x reader because y'all horny, also there are some curse words so just be advised. This is my AU. In this story latte and espresso did date the latte cheated on...
An Unusual Day | HuXiao | Smut by _ARFBARKARF_
An Unusual Day | HuXiao | Smutby _ARFBARKARF_
hu tao x xiao or something? smut hhhhhhh pLEASE dont take this too seriously, this isnt supposed to be a really serious fanfic i just wrote it for my friend