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DESTINY CARTER𝖳𝖴𝖤𝖲𝖣𝖠𝖸⏱: 𝟷𝟷:𝟷𝟻𝖺𝗆———————————————————

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⏱: 𝟷𝟷:𝟷𝟻𝖺𝗆

It's been a few days since they arrested von which have been very rough for me but durk & booka have been checking up on me. I've been able to go & see him which always made the best part of my days.

I sat on the couch talking to jayda. The whole thing with von getting arrested was weird to me because if kayla nem didn't say anything why would they take him for questioning like the way they did now he's in jail.

"Imma just say this, ari dangerous as fuck for the shit she doing i knew she was a weirdo from she didn't like me the first time we met" jayda said.

"It's too much on me right now i can barley pack my orders like all this is so sudden" i said playing with my hands.

"You know what" she said. "Lemme see your nails"

I showed her them in the camera.

"Okay we'reeee gonna get our nails done & go out for lunch" she said.


"No" she stale faced me. "I wanna try & make you feel better, you're going through a lot right now & i can't imagine how you feeling"

"Okay" i said.

"So go get ready, put on something cute imma be there in like 30 minutes" she said.

"Alright" i mumbled before she hung up.

They still weren't releasing von which made my mood go down every second.

Hearing a knock at the door i sighed before standing up.

I opened it to see durk with booka.

"Heyyy dess" booka dragged hugging me.

"Hi booka" i laughed.

"Wassup you good?" Durk asked walking in.

"Mhm" i hummed scratching my head.

Holding back on my tears.

"You sure?" Booka asked.

I nodded. "Yea"

"Well we bought chu some food" he said handing me the wingstop bag.

"We talked to von & he told us to get yo ass some fucking wings from him" booka said. "Tell dess its from me" he mocked him.

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