Mind Control

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There are two ways to do this depending on how experienced you are. The first one I'll explain is slightly more complicated but it is better for beginners.

For this spell you'll need a few things:
•4 candles (red, white, blue and green)
•a picture of who you plan to control

Place the 4 candles in a triangle and light them all. Say the following words:

"Dear gods and goddesses please let me control the mind of *insert name here* please mote it and mote it be"

After the spell go to sleep and by morning the candles will be out. The spell is complete and you can control them as you please.

This next version of the spell is for the more experienced witches:

You'll want to start by concentrating on the target. Think of what you want the target to do. Feel the energy in the targets mind. Snap your fingers to activate the spell. Beginners should start with small animals. At first start with simple actions.

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