Info about you

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Description about you

Name: Y/n Khan

Age: Your age will be 15 (same age as Yaya)

Height: Slight shorter than BBB

Weight: (your desired weight)

Species: Human-Cat hybrid
                Former human


Black hair with black cat ears (you don't have human ears, bcuz I said so)

H/L -(your desired hair length)

You have gold cat-like eyes ( with slit pupils of course)

Black fluffy tail


You prefer not to interact to others but you can socialize (ambivert behavior)

You are very cautious

Prefer to be straightforward and blunt.

Mature but sometimes childish (depends who you with)

Quite a glutton person


Talks very formal but also foul mouthed

You make people believe that your an innocent girl that won't hurt a fly

You always control your emotions so that your tails and ears won't move.

Can easily turn off her emotions if she needs to and also outbursts if something piss her off.

Likes: Food, sleeping, lollipop, and your likes.

Hates: Loud noises, strong smell, attention,a whole cucumber... and your hates.

Basic human skills:  



Cleaning and organizing


Good at art

Unique Skills/ Abilities: You have cat's abilities

-can run up to 70 km/h


- based on google cats are strong since cats are built for agility and speed, strength or better muscle power are required.

- Best way to describe how strong you are, is you could lift a truck (not carry just lift). When you punch you could create small but deep crater . Your kicks are stronger , you could care big craters.

High jump
- can jump upto 75 ft or 5 storeys building

- very flexible that people think you don't have bones

Sensitive ears
- you're ears are sensitive (obviously) but if you hear loud and noisy sounds it will result a headache and dizziness

Sensitive nose
- nose is sensitive but a very strong fragrance the results will be the same as sensitive ears.

Sight- you could able to view an array of 200 degrees which is 20 times of capability of a human being. You could see in a very low lligh.

Stealth - Very quite footsteps and can hide their presence perfectly

Talk to other cats - do I really need to explain this?

Fast Reflex

Balance - best way to describe this you can walk on a tightrope at ease

Sharp claws and strong jaws- your nails are sharp as knife (you could make your nails long or short like Killua) and your jaws can bite off leathers.

Occupation: Student

(I know its cringe but bear with me, it's for the plot T_T. As they always say, never judge a book by it's cover T_T)  



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