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"Dayvon" dess shook him to wake up.

Before doing so she sat up & was in her head a whole lot.

"What dess?" He asked.

"Kris is pregnant" i mumbled.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Kris is pregnant" i said. "She said you was the last person she fucked that couldn't be no more than a few days ago von"

"Ion fuck that girl" he said. "So that child not mines"

He's so nonchalant.

"If you the last nigga she fucked then it has to be" i said.

"I ain't fuck ha... whenever she messed wimme it was only head nothing else" he said. "Bitches always tryna put a baby on a nigga"

"Dayvon I'm being serious" i said.

"It look like I'm fucking laughing to you dess?" He semi yelled sitting up. "You sitting here believing that hoe is crazy"

"It's hard to not believe you wasn't the last person she fucked a few days ago! y'all was all snatched up!" I yelled getting up. "You nothing but a lying ass nigga"

"Watch yo tone when you talking to me & ion got shit to lie for why would i nut in a bitch knowing imma ask you to be mines days later?" He asked walking to me.

"Because you a manipulator you sit here & have me believe everything you say & I'm done doing that shit" i said.

"I done told you one too many fucking times she gone do whatever to get back at you out of jealousy don't entertain her bs destiny" he said.

"& what if the dna test comes back positive then what? huh von? you still ain't fuck her?" I asked looking at him.

"Look it's not gone come back positive cause i never nutted in her & if i did i made sure she got a plan b that baby not mines" he said.

"Whatever you can leave" i waved him off.

I'm so tired.

"Fix the bitches on your side then say some shit to me" i said.

"Dess i promise you i ain't fuck her" he said.

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