Chapter 5

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Warnings: language (kinda) and sexual content (it's small)       words: 11805

Note: this chapter includes more insight on Smiley, the Kawata twin dynamic, f--kboy Smiley content, reader home life dynamic, ~ a little adventure~, Angry content <3, and Smiley beign a menace. 

A/N: Aaaaaah it's been a mintue, but here's the latest chapter! :) This chapter has a lot of character and dynamic descriptions to help with the plot later on, so it may be a bit longwinded. This chapter will definitely showcase the ~ fun opposites ~ that the Kawata twins are, so reader, get ready for a wild ride of these two twins pining for you later on <3! Choose your fighter~!


The sun was bright as it shined through the window of Souya's window, illuminating his computer screen as he played an RPG videogame that Chifuyu had put him onto a week prior, his eyes struggling to read the dialogue that was flipping across the screen as he tried to maneuver his way around the small village his character was in. He was so focused that he didn't even realize that Nahoya had knocked on his door a few times already, lazily alerting Souya that it was time for dinner.

With annoyance from being ignored, Nahoya burst into Souya's room, startling Souya to the point where he fumbled around with his character and ended up deleting half of the valuables in his inventory. His heart dropped when he saw his error, but figured that Nahoya must have something important to say if he was willing to mess up his game.

"The f--k are you ignoring me for?" Nahoya growled, glaring at Souya intently as he let his anger out. As he saw Souya's hurt expression, he felt his anger subside, immediately feeling a bit remorseful for having blown up right off the bat.

"What do you mean? I haven't ignored you at all!" Souya fired back, returning the same energy that Nahoya had given him, watching as Nahoya was set off once again, his initial regret now wearing off.

"you're on some shit Souya. I knocked like 5 times, and you didn't say anything." Nahoya complained, shaking his head at Souya as he leaned against the door frame leisurely with his arms crossed.

"My bad. Did you need something?"

"Mom said its dinnertime."

"Oh shit! She's home?!" Souya leapt up from his chair, surprised byt their mother's unexpectedly early arrival from work. Nahoya smirked and nodded, his anger worn off by Souya's casual and calm nature.

"Yeah, now get your ass downstairs and have dinner with us." He joked, laughing a bit as Souya began to get himself together to go downstairs.

"Be down in a few." Souya replied quickly, making a quick journey over to his house slippers to slip them on before heading downstairs. When Nahoya saw him getting ready, he left the room, making his own way downstairs to the kitchen where their mother was, helping her set the table for their rare family dinner. Souya dashed out of his bedroom and clumsily down the stairs, walking over to the dining room where everything was set up for dinner, his mother smiling kindly at him form her seat at the table.

Before much longer, they all began eating and talking together, enjoying their time while they had the chance to. Mrs. Kawata was a busy woman, always working late hours into the evening to help support the two twins after their dad left. She was a proud single mother, btu she worked herself far too much, sacrificing her family time that she enjoyed so much. Souya and Nahoya knew this and did their best to make their time with her as carefree and lighthearted as they possibly could, putting aside their issues and brotherly competitiveness for the sake of not stressing their mother out anymore than she already was.

As dinner wrapped to a close, Nahoya took the easy route by quickly setting the dishes by the sink so that he wouldn't be in charge of washing them. Souya knew exactly what Nahoya was doing but he bit his tongue to keep from saying anything that would start a fight, opting to give Nahoya a bitter side eye that Nahoya conveniently ignored before running off to his room. Souya stared at the dishes and with a light sigh, he got to work, rinsing off the dishes before neatly placing them in the dishwasher to run their cycle.

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