Chapter 4

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Warnings: Some language                                 Words: 9782

This chapter includes: reader doing their best to be a good oldest sister, the sibling dynamic, pancakes <3, a shopping trip, a game of hide n seek, Kawata twin shenanigans, bombs n planes, and studying. 

Enjoy~! <3 :)


The screen of the tv flickered in the dark living room, flashing colorful light across the twins faces in the dim scenery, pictures of animals and their lives in the wilderness flickering across the screen. Smiley's eyes followed the tv lazily, slightly bored of watching the channel his brother had been watching before he had passed out so childishly next to him rather than going to his room. But then again, smiley couldn't really blame him. He'd gone out of his comfort zone and socialized at the party, hell, he even used drugs for once. He was winded from many firsts and his social battery wasn't nearly as lasting as Smiley's was. However...

I'm tired as shit... he needs to go to his room and i'm not carryin' him.

Nahoya glanced down at his peacefully sleeping brother for a moment before sighing, nudging him a bit to rouse him from his sleep. It didn't work and Souta's eyes were peacefully clamped shut, blissfully unwillingly to be bothered by Nahoya's antics. Nahoya made moves to simply leave, but as he moved away to stand, Souta clung to him like a child, his grip only tightening as he dragged Nahoya back to his demise on the sofa. With a thud against the cushions of the couch, Nahoya rolled his eyes and sighed, now realizing he would be stuck here until the morning in the arms of his childish twin.

Whatever. Ill just take a shower in the morning. Damn I'm sore... he closed his eyes and forced himself to block out the ache he felt in his body, knowing he'd had too much fun at that party, and he'd need to rest it off before he went at it again. With a light huff, he leaned over Souta carefully and snagged the other blanket from the back of the couch, wrapping himself up in the fluffy covers before drifting off to sleep with the tv still flickering on.


My head was pounding as I slowly woke up from my rest, eyes squinting painfully at the ceiling as I came to my senses. I had slept over at my friend's house after having a girls night out filled with alcohol and partying, and now, I was dealing with the consequences; the brutal hangover. I sat up and immediately felt my stomach churn, instantly realizing I felt like vomiting. I quietly got up and snagged my duffle I had brought with me the last night before making my way out of her room and down the hallway to the bathroom quickly. I shut the door behind myself and dealt with my hangover, knowing it was better to get it out sooner rather than later.

After I had vomited out the remainder fo the jungle juice I had from the night before, I went through my duffle bag and pulled out my makeup items, figuring I may as well just get ready for the day at this point. I washed my face with cold water, making an attempt to clear out my grogginess as I started my day. I went through my normal morning routine before I returned to my duffle bag and pulled out the 'day after' clothes I had prepared for myself.

Thank god for past me... you're amazing...!

I thought to myself as I smiled, taking in the sight of sweats and a casual crop top and a hoodie with relief on my mind. Sober me knew what I would need to have after a long night of partying and i felt grateful for listening to my intuition on packing comfort clothes rather than clothes that were tight and fitting. I didn't need to be the center of attention or be high maintenance after a night like that, I'd had my fair share and I was way too exhausted to even think about attending another party anytime soon. I wasn't a party animal like Amaya, but that's okay. i was definitely more of a homebody that preferred to spend time alone recharging after social interactions, but I enjoyed her company, nonetheless. She kind of adopted me as a friend when we first met. That's a story for another time though.

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