Chapter 1

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Warnings: language, suggestive content but nothing explicit    Word Count: 5445


Distant laughter and cheering drifted down the calm neighborhood streets of semi-urban Tokyo, music blasting from down the street as late-night parties ensued. The weather was warm, stray stars twinkling in the night sky above us, serving as a small detail that made the night that much more memorable. It was a week before fall classes started for students and people were enjoying their last 7 days of freedom, throwing parties for the sake of living out the summer dreams they'd procrastinated on for the last month. Not that I could blame them, I had done the exact same, saving all of my social battery for the end of the summer vacation period.

The night was young, 10pm just passing by as I walked with my girls down the street from our evening out on the town. We had all decided to take our mutual friend out to celebrate her 18th birthday, spending our evening at a nice restaurant and then crashing small house parties that we found as we made our way to her place. We were seniors this year and we had made a promise to each other to be all or nothing for our last year so that we could make the most of our last year together as regular teens before we went off to college and the regular workforce. We'd be 100% committed to our endeavors this year; if we were on a team, we've be the team captain. If we were looking to have hoes, we'd have a whole team lined up for choices. If we were making moves for a future career, we'd be relentless. We'd be successful in whatever we put our minds to.

We laughed and cracked jokes on our way home, heels hitting the sidewalk confidently and effortlessly. Our dresses fit our bodies perfectly, complimenting our curves with our makeup done up like models. Wearing dresses like these was a rare thing for me, I tended to be more reserved with my looks and geared towards academic looks. I wanted to be a surgeon and girlboss my way to success, after all, I could live my life as someone normal and be sad in a Honda or I could live my life as a successful babe and have a Mercedes or a foreign a whip. The choice was obvious.

I wasn't too interested in dressing a way that would take hours of time to prep that I could've spent studying. I wasn't too interested in romance either, figuring it wasn't anything serious to focus on in high school and if I wasn't serious, then why waste someone else's time. If love wanted to be in my life, it would have to wait its turn, or sweep me off my feet entirely. I wasn't going to be swayed easily and I didn't plan on engaging with any romantic endeavors this year, or so I thought.


"Ugh and Ryo totally wanted to hit it even though he had a girl already!" Masami vented, crossing her arms in a huff as she discussed the guy that she had been talking to over the summer. We had decent hopes for him, but he fell right on his face and managed to miss all the basic marks of a good boyfriend. Boys were impossible to find these days and it sucked.

"What a douche!" Amaya chimed in, agreeing with her as she had been through something similar last semester, having her heart broken thoroughly as he was a f—kboy that planned on using her as a hit and run all along. She had naively fell for it and ended up getting hurt in the process, even if she acted as if it was fine. We knew she wasn't over him, still catching her checking his social media accounts and watching her mood die when she saw him living life like a breeze at parties surrounded by other girls who knew better than to take him seriously.

"Honestly. Like if they weren't exclusive then that would be one thing, but it sounds like he's just a sleaze. Lame." I added my mature perspective to the conversation, earning nods in agreement from my friends as they thought about it. Relationship standards had been changing a lot lately and it wasn't a problem at all for us to handle, just how some of the sleazier guys would identify as poly and then their girlfriend wouldn't actually know about it. This was Masami's case.

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